Affiliate Programme

Make money with the UPC Affiliate Programme!

Add our banners to your webpage and earn money. When a visitor clicks on the banner and orders a product, you will receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing

Your benefits as affiliate partner

  • Earn commissions of up to CHF 148.- for every successful transaction
  • Attractive customer promotions boost your page
  • Free, no-risk registration
  • We are always improving the Affiliate Marketing Programme, ensuring a continuing positive impact on your conversion rate
  • 30-day post-click cookie runtime

How it works

A visitor clicks on your website's banner

The visitor is taken to our homepage

They order a UPC product

After the order, your receive up to CHF 148- commission

Advertising Material

  • UPC provides different banner formats that can be linked to your website. During the registration process, you can choose the banner you'd prefer.
Affiliate Marketing - Advertising Material

Register now and earn money

  • Register with our partner Zanox, where you can view and manage banner sales and benefit from our Affiliate Programme.

Do you need assistance?

  • We will gladly assit you in the linking of our banners. If you have any questions, please use the contact form below.