Customer Satisfaction

Your opinion is important to us.

Customer opinions are important for the ongoing development of our products and services. In a constant and active dialogue, we aim to continuously improve the customer experience.

Current customer satisfaction

After a customer has been in contact with UPC, the company Medallia conducts a survey of our customers on our behalf. The surveys show us how satisfied our customers are with our customer service and where we can improve

Customer satisfaction over the last 6 months:

Highest value: 8.2

Lowest value: 8.0

Current value: 8.0

Last updated: 10.07.2017


«Delivered on time, Internet speed is good and achieves the promised Mbit/s, price is low (compared with the competition).»

C.K. Unterlunkhofen


«Your adviser was very competent and friendly and did everything he could to resolve my issue...which he managed to do successfully.»

M.B. Ottenbach


How customer satisfaction is calculated

Every customer who contacts UPC by telephone or Shop/Service Point is invited to take part in the satisfaction survey.

Of some 50,000 invited customers, around 10,000 customers take part in the survey each month. Customers have the opportunity to rate our customer service on a scale of 0 (very dissatisfied with the service) to 10 (very satisfied with the service).

All customers who rate the customer service below 4 are automatically contacted by us so that we can learn more about the reason for the rating and find solutions.

The customer satisfaction rating is updated weekly, and the average value for the past four weeks is always shown. In addition, we also present the highest and lowest value from the past six months.


Support and Help

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Social care

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Network status

Here you will find all information about current faults or planned maintenance work.