UPC has a long and proud history as a pioneer in the telecommunications sector. Over the past few decades, we have certainly proven one thing: that we are and have always been able to react flexibly to change whilst constantly being ahead of our time. It all began in 1931, when we were called Rediffusion, and it still holds true today, as we are continuing to advance into the age of digitisation, entertainment and technology.

Liberty Global buys Sunrise – André Krause becomes CEO

  • André Krause becomes CEO of the combined Sunrise UPC business as of 16 November. In addition, Severina Pascu was appointed Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  • As of 11 November, UPC and Sunrise are both subsidiaries of the same parent company, Liberty Global. However, the two companies will continue to act independently until they are merged in early 2021.
  • The Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) gives green light for the acquisition of Sunrise on 30 October.
  • On 12 August, Liberty Global announces the purchase of Sunrise.
  • As of 1 February, Baptiest Coopmans takes over the role of CEO from Severina Pascu – and continues to pursue the growth plan the company has already begun.

UPC launches 1 Gbit/s Internet throughout its entire coverage area.

  • Whether in the city or the countryside. With the start of the new 1 Gbit/s Internet speeds throughout its entire footprint, UPC builds further on its position as speed leader in Switzerland. 

Severina Pascu becomes new CEO and UPC TV is launched

  • On 1st of September, Severina Pascu, former Chief Operating Officer, succeeds Eric Tveter as CEO of the company.
  • TV as an experience: With UPC TV, the company embarks on the future of entertainment. The new UPC TV follows customers seamlessly from their television set to their smartphone or tablet and back – intuitively, versatilely, dynamically. And on the TV Box it works with voice control!

UPC goes on air with MySports

  • In 2017, UPC shakes up the world of sports TV: following the launch ofMySports in September, Swiss sports fans are able to enjoy innovative and gripping live sport. UPC also becomes the first Swiss mobile provider to integrate EU roaming into its Mobile subscriptions.

upc cablecom becomes UPC

  • In 2016, upc cablecom becomes UPC; Austria and Switzerland start trading under the same name for the first time. The new, colourful bloom stands for innovation, internationality and entertainment in both countries. 

upc cablecom digitises Switzerland

  • On 7th July 2015, upc cablecom switches off the last analogue TV channels – the whole of Switzerland is now watching digital TV. In addition, at the end of June we increase the maximum Internet speed available through our fibre optic cable network to 500 Mbit/s.

Creation of the CHAT regional organisation

  • In April 2014, upc cablecom launches its own mobile service. In addition, upc cablecom and UPC Austria join forces in August 2014 to create the Austria/Switzerland regional organisation.

upc cablecom abolishes basic encryption

  • In 2012, upc cablecom abolishes basic encryption. By doing so, it converts all 1.8 million connected households to digital television. 55 digital channels and a 2 Mbit/s Internet connection can be received directly from the cable socket.

Cablecom becomes upc cablecom

  • The original plan was to rename the company UPC, like Liberty Global’s other subsidiaries. But ultimately it is decided to keep the established "Cablecom" brand name. Cablecom becomes "upc cablecom", with the blue bloom as its new logo.

Eric Tveter becomes new CEO

  • The company has to deal with major image problems. Eric Tveter is subsequently appointed as the new CEO and puts turnaround measures in place: increased customer focus, investment in the network, improvements to products and improved staff morale. 

Liberty Global purchases Cablecom

  • A planned stock market flotation collapses at the last moment: instead, Cablecom is sold to the international cable group, Liberty Global. Cablecom now belongs to a strong network of primarily European cable network operators together with Liberty Global’s other subsidiaries.

Everything from a single provider

  • Cablecom reaches another milestone in the Swiss telecommunications market and becomes the first Swiss provider to offer telephony, television and Internet.

Highspeed Internet and Digital TV

  • As the first company in Switzerland, Cablecom enters the broadband-market with "hispeed internet" and launches a digital TV offer in the same year.

Cablecom is founded

  • Cablecom is founded in 1994 through the merger of various cable operators. In 1996, this company purchases Rediffusion.

Start of television broadcasting

  • In Zurich, Rediffusion officially launches its first cable television offer which includes the transmission of two black and white channels. 

Rediffusion is founded

  • Rediffusion S.A. is founded in 1931 in the pioneering years of radio in Switzerland. This lays the foundations for the launch of so-called wire broadcasting in Switzerland and for the company. Rediffusion’s goal is the "distribution of public radio channels".