Our network for your digital world 

High-speed Internet and the best TV entertainment with UPC’s fibre optic cable network

Our fibre optic cable network

Our powerful fibre optic cable network supplies some 2 million homes in Switzerland and offers the fastest Internet with 500 Mbit/s throughout our footprint – both in the city and in the countryside. These speeds are made possible by a hybrid network comprised of 97% optical fibre cable and 3% coaxial cable. And so the data you need travels thousands of kilometres around the globe within milliseconds. Find out exactly how this works in the video (in German):

Last year, data traffic on the Internet increased by more than 50%. Our powerful fibre optic cable network is ideally equipped for this and future digital trends. At UPC, Internet, TV and telephony are transmitted on separate frequency bands. This means you can watch your favourite film on OnDemand, browse the web at high speed on your laptop and make calls with your landline. 

Here you will find tips for setting up and optimising your Wi-Fi.


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Here, you can find out about current faults and maintenance work.


Get online for free with Wi-Free

Since autumn 2014, we have offered our customers Switzerland’s biggest free Wi-Fi network with Wi-Free. This means you can browse the web at around 500,000 locations in Switzerland and over six million locations in Europe free of charge on your smartphone, tablet etc. Here’s how it works:

Net neutrality

UPC is committed to an open Internet. Together with the largest Swiss Internet service providers, we have therefore drawn up a Code of Conduct. In this, we have given a public assurance that content will neither be slowed down nor blocked within UPC’s network, regardless of the provider.

The principle of net neutrality states that all data should be treated equally on the Internet. In concrete terms, this principle relates to the last part of the data stream: the transportation of data from the ISP’s headquarters to the user, i.e. within an Internet service provider’s network.

Transparency measures in accordance with the Code of Conduct

«Managed services»

The capacity of UPC customers’ Internet connections will not be shared with «managed services».

Information about traffic management measures

  • All data is transported through our network without discrimination. UPC reserves the right to block unlawful content on the instruction of a Swiss court or a duly authorised authority (e.g. CYCO). 
  • To preserve the integrity and security of our network, we analyse data flow anonymously according to specific attack patterns or anomalies (e.g. DDoS attacks). In the event of an occurrence, we reserve the right to filter such harmful data out of the network.
  • The Internet speed for our Mobile offers will be reduced to max. 128 kbit/s depending on the subscription, as soon as the High Speed data volume included in the subscription has been used up. This also applies for services whose data usage is not deducted from the High Speed data volume included in the respective subscription. This currently applies for WhatsApp messaging within our Mobile portfolio. This possibility is also available to other providers of messaging services. Interested providers can contact UPC for further information.
  • Our telephone services (VoIP) and Wi-Free are configured as separate data traffic in our network. All data is treated the same, which means the quality of all remaining services is unaffected.