1 Gbit/s Internet for everyone in Switzerland: UPC achieving the impossible

Wallisellen, 18 September 2019

As announced earlier and after intense preparations and investments in the network, UPC is launching nationwide Gigabit Internet on 25 September. The launch is well ahead of plan and quite unique as UPC will roll out 1 Gbit/s throughout its entire footprint all at once. This means that even rural regions can finally benefit from 1 Gbit/s Internet speeds as well, making this an offer of unparalleled magnitude in Switzerland. With this launch, UPC is making a significant contribution to the digitisation of Switzerland. Interested parties can now pre-register for the new Giga product without obligation.

In one week, UPC will make the impossible possible: the 1 Gbit/s product will be launched throughout its entire Swiss footprint, all at once. As a result, thanks to UPC’s powerful infrastructure and future-proof technology, many rural and peripheral regions will soon also have access to Giga speed Internet. "In terms of digitisation, this is a big and important step for Switzerland and an even bigger step for our customers. From 25 September, rural and alpine regions will also be able to benefit from giga speeds for the first time. This is an absolute novelty in the Swiss telecommunications market,” says Severina Pascu, CEO UPC. The company is thus making again a strong commitment to the Swiss market, an important contribution to fundamental economic conditions and supporting equally individual customers and business throughout the country, including in remote areas of the country. The investment is fully financed by the company without any  subsidies.


Pre-registration phase for 1 Giga product starts today


Customers who are interested in the new offer can pre-register online at upc.ch/giga without obligation, and receive information about the new product right when it is launched.


The perfect portfolio: Innovative products with top speeds


UPC now offers a complete range of innovative and attractively priced products and services. “We have mastery of, and utilise, the entire spectrum of entertainment and speed with the aim of providing our customers with unforgettable moments. Over the last year we have delivered a stunning array of innovations – from the extremely attractive entertainment experience with UPC TV, which is very popular with our customers, to the strongest mobile network in Switzerland. As a crowning moment, the 1 Gbit/s offer for customers all across Switzerland will round off the portfolio perfectly," says Stefan Fuchs, Chief Marketing Officer. UPC will announce the new portfolio including prices on 25 September.



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