Ecological and social values

Besides bits and bytes, technological developments and virtual worlds, we must not forget the real world, fellow human beings and the environment. UPC attaches great importance to ecological and social values.

Eachy year, Liberty Global, UPC’s parent company, publishes its Corporate Responsibility Report, which also includes UPC’s data.

Here is the report from 2016.

Environmental targets

UPC is committed to sustainable climate protection. We are actively working to improve our energy efficiency. Liberty Global, UPC’s parent company, has made a Group-wide commitment to increase its energy efficiency by 15 per cent each year until 2020. We are part of Liberty Global’s environmental targets. In an additional agreement with the Swiss authorities, we have also undertaken to improve the company’s energy efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Low energy consumption at Wallisellen site

UPC’s headquarters in Wallisellen are extremely energy efficient, thanks to the Minergie standard. The new building, in which some 1,200 employees work, adheres to the strict guidelines of the 2000-watt society, for example by using geothermal energy for cooling and heating or the automatic control of window blinds when the sun is shining. Thanks to renovations, we have also been able to reduce the energy consumption significantly at the other sites such as Renens, Manno or Bern.

Headquarter Wallisellen

Solar energy production

Since summer 2010, UPC has been producing its own solar power at the headend in Monte Carasso TI. Solar cells generate over 10 kW – resulting in a solar output of around 15,000 kWh per year.

Free disposal of old modems and Mediaboxes

We allow our customers to return their old modems free of charge and make sure they are disposed of them correctly. You can order a free returns label from our customer service.

Save energy – it’s so simple

UPC has been working to reduce the energy consumption of its devices for a long time now. Together with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), we can show you how to save electricity simply and quickly by making some easy adjustments to the standby settings for your devices for Internet and digital TV.