Our network

The most modern information
superhighway of Switzerland

Thanks to its high proportion of glass fibre and the latest network technology, UPC’s network is already the most modern information superhighway covering the whole of Switzerland. Customers in large parts of the footprint can already benefit from bandwidths of 500 Mbit/s.


These high speeds are made possible by a hybrid glass fibre optic network. One of the most important advantages of the glass fibre optic cable network is that, thanks to ongoing investment in the network technology, it is high-performing and has capacity for growth without network construction or upgrading being necessary. UPC places emphasis on constant and sustainable investment in the network. This is the only way in which technical innovation can be advanced and competition between different Swiss providers encouraged. This ultimately benefits the customers, who receive the best value for money as a result.

Connected at home and on the go

More than 60% of Swiss households have access to products from UPC. Whether they live in an apartment in the city or in a house in the country is irrelevant – everyone can benefit from the same offers and from the fastest Internet.


Entirely in line with the «shareconomy» principle, UPC has been offering Wi-Free, Switzerland’s biggest free WLAN network, since autumn 2014. Customers grant other UPC customers access to their Wi-Fi network and receive free WLAN access themselves in return throughout the entire activated network. Wi-Free uses a second network which functions independently of the private WLAN so that customer data is securely protected at all times – the private network therefore remains unaffected by the public one.

The future of the Internet

What is «the Internet» really and how does data and content reach our PCs, tablets or mobile phones? The buzzword here is «IP interconnection» or the connecting of networks. This involves a global network of connections between tens of thousands of «autonomous systems» (networks belonging to companies, universities or governments).

UPC offers direct connections to its network for all content providers, known as «peering». The «Peering principles» define the requirements for potential partners for settlement-free peering and are publicly available. In the future, investment in IP interconnections, that is to say in direct connections with a guaranteed connection quality between networks, will increase in importance. Because only with powerful, direct connections can we rely on the Internet as an economic and communication basis in the future.

Net neutrality

The principle of net neutrality states that all data should be treated equally on the Internet. In concrete terms, this principle relates to the last part of the data stream: the transportation of data from the Internet provider’s headquarters to the user, i.e. within an Internet service provider’s network.


UPC is committed to an open Internet. Together with the largest Swiss Internet service providers, UPC has therefore drawn up a Code of Conduct and given a public assurance that content will neither be slowed down nor blocked within UPC’s network, regardless of the provider.

Transparency measures in accordance with the Code of Conduct:

«Managed services»

The capacity of UPC customers’ Internet connections will not be shared with «managed services».

Information about traffic management measures

All data is transported through our network without discrimination.

UPC reserves the right to block unlawful content on the instruction of a Swiss court or a duly authorised authority (e.g. CYCO).


To preserve the integrity and security of our network, we analyse data flow anonymously according to specific attack patterns or anomalies (e.g. DDoS attacks). In the event of an occurrence, we reserve the right to filter such harmful data traffic out of the network.


The Internet speed for our Mobile offers will be reduced to max. 128 kbit/s depending on the subscription, as soon as the High Speed data volume included in the subscription has been used up. This also applies for services whose data usage is not deducted from the High Speed data volume included in the respective subscription. This currently applies for WhatsApp messaging within our new Mobile portfolio. This possibility is also available to other providers of messaging services. Interested providers can contact UPC for further information.


Our telephone services (VoIP) and Wi-Free are configured as separate data traffic in our network. All data is treated the same, which means the quality of all remaining services is unaffected.


Information about network disturbances

Customers can find information about current disturbances and maintenance work via the following link. In addition, there is the possibility of registering for the free SMS or e-mail service to receive information about all faults in your area.