Vocational training

Are you about to leave school and asking yourself which direction you want your career to take you in? With our broad range of apprenticeships in various occupations you can develop your potential in our company. Get off to a flying start with us and establish a good basis for your professional future.

Occupational profiles

UPC trains around 40 apprentices in total and offers 10 to 14 new apprenticeship positions each year. We train young adults in the four occupations of IT (systems engineering), business studies, customer dialogue and mediamatics. For further information, read our brochures about the various occupational profiles and apply for a  trial apprenticeship or for an open apprenticeship position

Business studies



Customer dialogue


Trial apprenticeship

UPC offers taster days between March and July each year, to give young adults an insight into the company and the training. Due to the high demand, we only consider school pupils who meet the requirements of the occupational profile for the trial apprenticeship.You can submit your application for a trial apprenticeship between March and July here:

  • Trial apprenticeship for the business studies occupational profile (KV) EFZ, E-Profile and M-Profile
  • Trial apprenticeship for the IT systems engineering occupational profile EFZ
  • Trial apprenticeship for the IT systems engineering occupational profile EFZ
  • Trial apprenticeship for the mediamatics occupational profile

Casting Day Junior

Are you applying for one of our apprenticeships?
If so, you will be invited to take part in the following recruitment process:

  • Submission of your application on our online platform
  • Video interview: You answer three recorded video questions using your webcam and microphone (or alternatively using your smartphone)
  • Casting Day Junior: This day is an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and decide whether they are a good match. Normally around 12 candidates take part. There are two parts to our Casting Day Junior: in the morning you will complete exciting challenges during which you can show us that you are the right person for the apprenticeship. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to look backstage and see what an exciting work day is like in the occupation you are considering.
  • Online assessment with a personality and two aptitude tests (from home)
  • Discussion of the results of the online assessment
  • References
  • Job offer

We look forward to meeting you!


There are around 90 certified vocational trainers at UPC in total. They are the most important point of contact for the apprentices and provide regular feedback on performance and development. We encourage dialogue among the apprentices through the induction days, a camp and various events