Liberty Global

UPC is a subsidiary of Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the largest international cable company, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 2005 by the merger of Liberty Media International and UGC (UnitedGlobalCom). UPC has been part of Liberty Global since 2005.


Here you will find the most important facts and figures for Liberty Global.


Liberty Global Corporate Video


The intensive and close cooperation with Liberty Global means that UPC is able to benefit from its parent company’s global network and innovative product solutions.

Thanks to the strong link between the two companies, products such as Horizon Go and Wi-Free are available to UPC customers.

Global exchange

Liberty Global views internationality as one of its greatest assets. The group encourages employees to spend time at other subsidiaries and looks for talent beyond national borders.


Read our exciting Report to find out what going on a secondment from Zurich to the headquarters in Amsterdam was like. 

Here you will find the international job platform.   

Corporate Responsibility

Liberty Global takes corporate and social responsibility seriously. Its corporate responsibility strategy therefore focuses on four key areas:

  • Promoting a digital society
  • Building trust with our customers
  • Managing our environmental impacts
  • Being a responsible business

A uniform strategy, which is applied across national borders, allows synergies to be exploited and projects to be supported jointly. Liberty Global also publishes an annual CR Report, which includes environmental and sustainability data for all Liberty Global subsidiaries. You can find additional information here: