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13.12.2011: Andreas Werz becomes media spokesman at upc cablecom

07.12.2011: upc cablecom: A new dimension in home cinema

03.11.2011: Cover note for the Liberty Global quarterly report Q3/2011 upc cablecom reports growth in all product areas

03.10.2011: Carlos Leal: the new face of upc cablecom

29.09.2011: Obligation to broadcast in the analogue service for the youth channel Joiz: upc cablecom appeals to the Federal Court

12.09.2011: Liberty Global Unveils Next-Generation TV Platform

09.09.2011: upc cablecom “Best Swiss Corporate Network Carrier” again

05.09.2011: Competition Commission confirms potential jeopardising of competition by public cooperation in optical fibre network expansion

24.08.2011: Smart metering through the cable network – affordable and reliable

04.08.2011: New communication solutions for the self-employed and SMEs

03.08.2011: Cover note for the Liberty Global Q2/2011 quarterly report: Successful start for the “new” upc cablecom

13.07.2011: Full power at attractive prices

28.06.2011: upc cablecom business with Microsoft Office 365

23.06.2011: Video on demand now in eastern Switzerland too

19.05.2011: French Open in 3D live with upc cablecom

10.05.2011: upc cablecom fills two management positions

05.05.2011: Cover note for the Liberty Global quarterly report: Strong growth in revenue for upc cablecom

29.04.2011: New SME solutions from upc cablecom business

13.04.2011: upc cablecom acquires cable networks in the cantons of St.Gallen and Uri

12.04.2011: upc cablecom speeds up Internet for existing customers

07.04.2011: Ivan Nash Vila as new CFO of upc cablecom

21.03.2011: From cablecom to upc cablecom – More Power, More Joy.

17.03.2011: cablecom opts for paperless bills

02.03.2011: cablecom brings back Swiss film classics

25.02.2011: Cover note for the Liberty Global quarterly report: Accelerated growth at cablecom

14.02.2011: cablecom breaks the Internet sound barrier: 1.37 Gbit/s

17.01.2011: Into the 3rd dimension with cablecom on demand


07.12.2010: New cablecom software enables reduction in the power consumption of set-top boxes

16.11.2010: New spokesperson: Marc Maurer to strengthen external communication at cablecom

04.11.2010: More than 500,000 Swiss surf the web with cablecom

31.08.2010: Cablecom enables recording with DigiCard

25.08.2010: Experience the new cablecom – or simply return the products

04.08.2010: Cablecom nets more customers over all digital products

22.07.2010: Cablecom launches high definition feature films on-demand

07.07.2010: Cablecom business implements gigabit data network for Diagnostic Centers of the RODIAG Group

07.07.2010: Cablecom extends Fiber Power to Lucerne and Biel

10.06.2010: SRG SSR idée suisse and cablecom business renew contract and equip the distribution network infrastructure for
                    a high-resolution future

07.06.2010: The summer’s top sports events - in brilliant HD quality

19.05.2010: Cablecom simplifies digital television with the DigiCard – and provides HD for everyone

12.05.2010: Cablecom launches Fiber Power Services for SMEs and home offices

10.05.2010: Roland Bischofberger appointed as cablecom’s Director of Corporate Communications

07.05.2010: Cablecom’s upward trend continues

12.04.2010: Cablecom broadcasts the first 3D television in Switzerland

31.03.2010: Cablecom speeds up Fiber Power internet and introduces UPC logo

09.03.2010: Cablecom makes access to digital TV in HD quality and Internet easier and cheaper

25.02.2010: 400,000 customers watch cablecom digital television

17.02.2010: Cablecom expands Fiber Power services to the city of St. Gallen

11.02.2010: Cablecom expands customer service and marketing

26.01.2010: Winter Olympics in HD – cablecom makes it possible