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UPC Business is the corporate business division of UPC, the largest cable network operator in Switzerland. We will be happy to talk to you in person – there are various ways to reach us. We also provide detailed information about our company, about our partner programme and other UPC Business services here on our website.

UPC Business – Important information about our company

Contact options, information about our partner programme and many other compelling reasons in favour of UPC. Find out everything you need to know about our company here.


Do you have a question about our products or services? We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us so you can contact us easily.


Would you like to become a partner of UPC Business? You can find information about our interesting partnership models here. 

Our company

Would you like to find out more about UPC? Read about what sets our company apart, and why more and more companies in Switzerland choose us and our products and services.