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Name: BKW
Sector: Energy and infrastructure services
Business locations: 52 (CH) + 37 (abroad) 
Employees: approx. 8000
Customer since: 2010
Products and services purchased: SD-WAN, security, connectivity, cloud interconnect, IP-Transit, mobile backup, guest wifi, dark fibre, IoT
Key Account Manager: Christian Etter:

«UPC Business has done some real pioneering work in the area of SD-WAN and went many extra miles for us.»

Thomas Zinniker, CIO, BKW

Initial situation

The BKW Group's business is highly dynamic. Central challenges are diversification, expansion and digital transformation. In order to optimally support the rapid growth of the group, the IT management decided to modernise the international company network. A demanding SD-WAN project was invited to tender in 2017.

UPC Business was considered in the invitation to tender along with 6 other suppliers. The complex and demanding SD-WAN project was uncharted territory for both sides. From the very beginning, both indicated that they were very willing to consider disruptive thinking, to engage in a common learning process and to support each other on the previously unknown path to the goal. UPC Business offered the desired services for SD-WAN, connectivity and security and secured all three. The step-by-step connection of the sites began in September 2018.



The Managed SD-WAN Service from UPC Business is based on Cisco technology. SD- WAN improves the performance of the company network in all important areas: Cloud integration, application behaviour, security, control and visibility, adaptability and agility, and productivity. The solution was developed and implemented in just six months. The BKW Group benefits from the following advantages:

·   Easier and faster integration of locations at home and abroad
·    Optimal visibility of the services and their behaviour in the dashboard, enabling the central management of rules and configurations.
·    Easy installation without on-site experts thanks to zero-touch provisioning with pre-configured devices at different locations
·               Homogeneity throughout the group – for the communications capabilities, application performance, cloud access, Internet access, and security


The Zscaler Cloud Security solution ensures data traffic security.
There is a local Internet breakout at the remote locations. This means that Internet traffic does not have to be routed via a central location, but is solved locally – secured by security features such as cloud proxy. 

The BKW Group would like UPC Business to act as a single point of contact and assume coordination tasks. This includes, for example, the coordination of the various solutions in the areas of connectivity and Internet access.

A major advantage of SD-WAN from the customer's point of view is the comprehensive virtualisation of communication connections, which allows heterogeneity in the physical network.
The positive experience gained during the joint development of the SD-WAN has aroused the customer's interest in intensified cooperation in further ICT projects (Cloud Interconnect, IP-Transit, Mobile Backup, IoT).


Extra miles

The project has a pioneering character due to the innovative WAN technology. SD-WAN differs significantly from conventional WAN solutions. It is a new philosophy with implications for service management, processes, logistics and coordination. This required a rethink on the part of all project participants. The complete "service chain" had to be redefined.

Thanks to productive co-creation with the customer and the extraordinary efforts of the team, the BKW Group's corporate network is now well equipped to meet the challenges of dynamic growth and digitalisation.

As of: August 2019

   BKW Customer testimonial


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