«Ethernet and Internet services from UPC Business are just as good as its voice services.»

Yves Laukemann, Head of IT, Claraspital

If all goes according to the Swiss Federal Council’s schedule, full networking of service providers in the healthcare system will be in place in just a few years. How far has e-health progressed in hospitals? Yves Laukemann, Head of IT at St Claraspital, talks about the matter on the basis of the facts.

Hospitals have made huge advances in digitization of medical engineering over the last ten years. Practically all medical equipment today has digital interfaces. This results in enormous quantities of data, which inevitably places greater demands on data management and the IT infrastructure. „However, networking between hospitals and external medical practitioners is still very much in its infancy. This is despite the necessary technical conditions being in place, and the availability

of both proper standards and suitable exchange platforms.“ says Yves Laukemann. Isn’t this passive attitude a consequence of our federal system? Laukemann explains: „„Our healthcare system is an amalgamation of 26 healthcare systems. In projects of this scale the lead ought to be taken by the federal government. However, it does not have the necessary expertise. Legislation requires the cantons to take the initiative, but they are unwilling to do so because they are worried about the costs and the coordination work. The industry on the other hand is not very interested in stepping into the breach left by the government and cantons, because investing in a small and highly complex market is barely profitable.“

Laukemann tells us about the new hospital information system: „Doctors must now use the hospital information system for prescribing drugs. This application enables doctors to access all medications available in Switzerland. The system also provides doctors with important information about the interactions of medications. The new process standardizes the communication between doctors, nurses and pharmacists, creates the necessary transparency for optimum inventory management, and above all benefits patients. This is because the new medication management system guarantees that the right medication is prescribed at the right time.“

Quality and reliability are of course the minimum requirements for a hospital. UPC Business provides the hospitalwith Internet, voice and corporate network services.

«UPC provided us with a readymade, future-proof all-in-one solution for telephony, Internet and the corporate network, and rounded it off with attractive terms.»

The person

Yves Laukemann went into IT after obtaining a degree in geography in Basel in 1984. Since 1994 he has occupied various managerial IT positions in administration and logistics and in the retail industry. Since 2004 he has been Head of IT at St Claraspital and is the overall project manager in charge of introducing the Hospital Information System (HIS). Laukemann has three grown-up daughters.

The company

The Claraspital (St. Clare’s Hospital) in Basel was founded in 1928. The Claraspital is a private specialist hospital for gastric complaints, oncology and metabolism, with its particular fields of expertise being pulmonology, urology, cardiology and orthopaedics. It is an acute hospital with a consultant system and offers over 229 beds. In 2009 8,700 in-patients and over 19,300 out-patients were cared for and treated by a staff of around 900.

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