Pasteria Di Lenardo

«I've always been a UPC customer.»

Gazmend Berisha, Managing Director, Pasteria Di Lenardo

Pasteria Di Lenardo in Zurich’s Badenerstrasse is an undiscovered gem for gourmets. Fresh pasta is made on the premises daily and transformed into mouth-watering dishes that are both simple yet outstanding in their artisan quality. Aside from host Gazi Berisha, entertainment is provided by high-speed Internet and Digital TV from UPC Business.

Pasteria Di Lenardo has a long tradition. Established back in 1965, it still produces fresh pasta daily. Since present host Gazmend or ῾Gazi᾿ Berisha took the helm, the restaurant in the fashionable ‘Kreis 4’ district of Zurich has become an in-place. He redesigned the restaurant and extended the menu. Various simple menus are available every lunchtime. Evenings are reserved for private parties of ten or more. The team of four can also be booked for corporate venues and events. Pasta machines can even be set up on the customer’s premises – for an authentic event catering experience: “We took all our equipment with us to a restaurant for a company anniversary just recently. We make the pasta on the spot. Guests can watch and, at the same time, order their favourite pasta,” explains Berisha.

He attaches particular importance to fresh premium ingredients and the authentic taste of his dishes. “We appeal to a certain audience. People who place importance on good taste. It’s our only advertisement,” he says confidently. The restaurant is well patronised and an insider tip in gourmet circles.

Aside from personal service by the team, free WiFi – thanks to high-speed Internet – and Digital TV by UPC provides guests with entertainment. As a long-standing customer, Berisha wouldn’t consider anyone else: “I’ve always been with cablecom and always been satisfied.” Passionately dedicated to his job, the restaurateur is reluctant to get too involved with technical aspects: “It just needs to work. End of story.” He far prefers to lavish his perfectionism on his cuisine. His guests appreciate the fast Internet access all the more. UPC has already saved the day for him: “Last year it suddenly occurred to me that I should show the European Cup matches,” he recalls. There was no television set on the premises at the time.

«I called UPC and explained the situation. The TV was installed less than two hours later. The man from UPC brought everything with him. It was an amazing experience!»

He has never had any bad experiences with UPC. Since the TV incident he has greatly appreciated the cooperation with his local rep. “Whenever he comes up with a good solution, I invite him to dinner,” says Berisha with a smile, and turns his attention back to his guests.

The person

Gazmend Berisha trained as a sign writer. After his training he set up his own business organising parties and events in the Zurich area for ten years. Concerned that he might lose touch with his target group, he took over the traditional restaurant Di Lenardo. Today he is confident that he has found his true vocation as a catering entrepreneur.

The company

Pasteria Di Lenardo was founded in 1965 and was taken over by the present manager and owner Gazmend Berisha in 2007. The four-strong team make fresh pasta daily using traditional pasta machines. Aside from the restaurant business, they also offer a catering service for companies and events. All dishes are freshly prepared on the premises and served with high-quality ingredients.

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