Feinkost Kommunikation

«Now we have practically no wait time when we send large amounts of data.»

Daniel Keller, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Feinkost Kommunikation

Daniel Keller was one of UPC’s first residential customers. Although the co-owner of Feinkost Kommunikation was a happy customer even then, he is highly impressed by the attractive deals offered by UPC Business.

Since the company was founded in 2001, Feinkost has been located in an old bakery in Zurich. The tiled walls with their old-fashioned look in the reception area make a fascinating contrast to the modern large-format screens on the desks. A great setting for hatching creative ideas. “We offer everything you need in terms of traditional and new media,” explains Daniel Keller, co-founder and co-owner. Feinkost is a full-service agency, focusing primarily on print and web design, and creating database-based websites.

In the first years, the co-founders were well satisfied with UPC as residential customers. However, as the staff and status of the Internet grew, it became obvious that a professional solution was required.

«Our attention was mainly drawn to UPC Business on account of its attractive terms.»

Daniel Keller is enthusiastic: “The deals are simply sensational. That’s why we finally decided to change and working more professionally in this area.”

Aside from “very fair prices”, the speed of the Internet and good support proved to be deciding factors for Feinkost Kommunikation. UPC Business has more than met the company’s expectations. Countless features and services are provided that make daily business a whole lot easier. “A stable connection and good speed level are essential to us. A lot of business is conducted by e-mail – our programmers work online virtually all the time.”

Putting the virtual PBX telephone system into service also ran smoothly. Although a technical hitch did occur, everything was up and running within a few hours. As Daniel Keller reports: “Support e-mailed us a ticket number, and they even called us – it took little more than half a day to get us in the game. I can only say it’s a real pleasure.” The greatest benefit in his eyes is flexibility: “We can set up and configure things the way we want. With UPC we can also use whatever end devices we choose.” Should changes suddenly occur, the virtual telephone system means Feinkost Kommunikation is best equipped for any eventuality.

The person

Daniel Keller is co-founder and co-owner of Feinkost Kommunikation. He initially completed training as a typesetter. In the course of almost thirty years in the graphic design field he has continued to learn new skills. At Feinkost he focuses on graphic design and professional pre-press work.

The company

The company mainly serves a local clientele in the Zurich area with high quality web and print offerings. Feinkost is deeply rooted in the area, and attaches importance to an informal corporate culture. The three founders (Keller, Occhiodori and Peduzzi) still work as part of the six-strong team on a daily basis.

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