Insekta Schädlingstechnik GmbH

«I’m completely satisfied with everything — from the initial consultation right through to implementation.»

Pascal Frei, Managing Director, Insekta Schädlingstechnik GmbH

Mice, pests, pigeons or martens: pest control specialist Pascal Frei has been eliminating uninvited guests from homes and gardens for over 20 years. Staff at Insekta have to classify pests exactly on the basis of customers’ descriptions over the phone. Efficient real-time research in the Internet is possible thanks to “UPC ’s ultra-fast lines.”

Pascal Frei never dreamed of such success. The qualified carpenter loved working in his trade. But an accident at work forced him to rethink his career. He found a job with a pest control company. After ten years as an employee, he founded Insekta. His open manner quickly earned him an appreciative audience and he starred on the “Aeschbacher” show on Swiss television. More appearances soon followed and the publicity boosted the fledgling company. In hindsight, even company boss Frei is amazed: “I just wanted to earn my living somehow. And then one thing just led to another.”

There is now a team of seven, located at several sites in Switzerland. The pest specialist takes an optimistic view of the future. Globalisation and increased travel are good for business: “Pest control is on the rise; new species are constantly being brought back into country. Foreign travel is the commonest cause of pest occurrence.”

UPC Business’ high-speed Internet line is a vital tool, especially when it comes to classifying an unfamiliar pest:

«While advising the client, I check out the pest on the Internet if I’ve haven’t come across it yet.»

This helps Frei save time and money. Email correspondence is also important for Insekta – with clients and other members of staff. “So far we haven’t had a single connection problem.”

Email correspondence is also important for Insekta – with clients and other members of staff. “So far we haven’t had a single connection problem.” Although aware of some bad reports about UPC, he can’t “relate to them in any way”. He has been “highly delighted” throughout – from the initial advice he received right to execution.” Pascal Frei is about to take Digital TV from UPC Business as well. As a little treat for himself and his team.

The person

A qualified carpenter, Pascal Frei was forced to leave his chosen trade. After ten years working in another pest control company, he become a modern-day pest control expert in his own right and can now look back on over 20 years of experience. It is a subject that also fascinates the public: Frei has already appeared as a guest on various national and regional television shows.

The company

Pascal Frei and his team provide clients with straightforward expert advice on all aspects of pest control. With its high standard of treatment methods, Insekta Schädlingstechnik GmbH guarantees long-term protection. Aside from its headquarters in Brüttisellen, Zurich, the company has branches in Winterthur, Jona and the Bern area.

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