Republic and Canton of the Jura

«UPC is an innovative infrastructure partner providing excellent services to our canton.»

Matthieu Lachat, Information Service Director, Republic and Canton of the Jura

Public institutions owe it to their customers to provide an effective, efficient service. The state of Jura is a firm believer in this, and intends to maintain its dynamism by rising to these new challenges. It regards information management as strategic, with a strong added value in the evolutionary services it provides to its partners.

Switzerland’s youngest canton has developed a very modern and streamlined concept for its IT systems. In order to utilise effective services at the lowest possible cost, the canton pursues a policy of targeted and selective outsourcing of competencies and IT resources through public-private partnerships with specialised service providers.

Should other public organizations be following in their footsteps? This was just one of the questions we asked Matthieu Lachat, who heads the IT department of the Canton of Jura.

«This partnership can surely serve as a model for all public-private sector partnerships.»

Matthieu Lachat tells us that the information managed by public institutions is extremely important. “Imagine a situation where a malfunction in an IT system prevents the police or the courts from working. These days it is unacceptable to have a network outage that lasts just a few minutes. In addition, we need to ensure that all of our information remains fully confidential, and we need to protect ourselves against data loss and leaks.” Mr. Lachat is convinced that his organization would not have been able to achieve the necessary level of availability and security on its own. “UPC Business didn’t hesitate on making a big investment in our region to set up a high-performance network that is directly linked to its national backbone network.”

How does Matthieu Lachat like working with UPC Business after all these years? “They are great to work with. UPC Business is a true partner that always offers us innovative, flexible, dependable services with high added value.” What he likes most about his contacts at the company are how willing they are to help and be proactive. “Everyone involved has always wanted to hear what we have to say so they could provide us with services that would be tailored to our current and future needs.

The person

Matthieu Lachat has been the head of the IT department of the Canton of Jura since 2006. Since he assumed this role, he has played a key role in defining the canton’s new IT strategy and the fundamental reorganization of its information systems. Originally from Porrentruy, Matthieu Lachat completed his training as telecommunications engineer in Neuenburg. Prior to taking over the IT department of the Canton of Jura, he was a member of the management of two telecommunications networkoperators in Switzerland.

The company

The IT department of the Canton of Jura is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the information systems of almost80 administration sites and administration-related (semi-public) institutions all over the canton. IT supports all services for citizens and businesses in the country – ranging from the police to tax administration, the judiciary or Residents’ Registration Office, through to the education system.

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