Kramer Gastronomie

«It’s no secret that UPC has the best and the fastest network in Switzerland.»

Beat Schlatter, Kramer Gastronomie, Partner and CFO

Twelve Zurich restaurants, two hotels, the traditional “zur Zimmerleuten” and “zur Schneidern” guild inns and banquet service provider: that rounds up the wide-ranging portfolio of Kramer Gastronomie, founded by Zurich catering guru Christian Kramer. UPC Business’ ICT infrastructure brings the extensive catering empire together.

With its 16 restaurants Kramer Gastronomie is one of main players on the hotly contested Zurich catering scene, despite its rather humble origins: in 1982 company founder Christian Kramer leased the Café am Helvetiaplatz. The business expanded rapidly thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, an intuitive feel for guests’ needs and management dexterity.

Beat Schlatter joined the company over ten years ago. Today, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Christian Kramer’s partner, he takes care of the financial side of the business. Schlatter is at pains to keep administration to a minimum. And the offering from UPC Business helps him do so. When the company’s previous service provider was taken over by an international company, Schlatter began to do his sums: “We weren’t happy with what we were getting for our money. So we looked around for someone else.

«UPC covers our needs at a very fair price.»

Kramer Gastronomie is currently involved in three larger-scale projects with UPC Business: one is the networking of all sites over the Internet so that the head office in Zurich’s Herdernstrasse can keep track of key data in real time, for instance the turnover of each establishment. The second is to set up public WLAN in almost all of the restaurants. The third project is to introduce the UPC Business Virtual PBX system. Schlatter is happy with the way his Internet and telephony provider is handling this challenging assignment. A close, trust-based cooperation has grown up over the past few years: “We know each other and always find a solution, even for aspects that aren’t perhaps covered to the letter in the contract. That’s what I call flexibility.”

The person

Beat Schlatter has worked for Kramer Gastronomie since July 1999. From a commercial background, he went on to train in accountancy. A career in the hospitality industry seemed almost predestined, as his parents ran a restaurant at Lake Thun – so he followed in the family footsteps. On finishing his training and looking for a job, he applied to Kramer Gastronomie: “We were a perfect match right from the start.”

The company

Kramer Gastronomie is a Zurich catering group founded by the company owner Christian Kramer in 1982. The company focuses primarily on modern no-fuss catering concepts. The company’s business administration is highly streamlined, and its efficient structure has even enabled it to incorporate the long-established Zurich Kronenhalle back-office service.

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