Mandarin Design

«We have never had service interrupted — and we are always, always online.»

Denise Burghard, Managing Director, Mandarin Design

Denise Burghard makes no bones about how important reliable network access is to her. The young businesswomen wouldn’t consider anyone other than UPC Business.

Mandarin Design is a bright young design studio in a brand new office in Winterthur. Denise Burghard started the business from scratch in 2007 and success was soon to follow, largely due to her personal service, creative input and infectious passion for the job. Of one thing the designer is certain: “An artistic approach, and the creative process it involves, is important to me – and our customers get caught up in our enthusiasm for the job.”

Variety is the spice of life as far as her projects are concerned. “That’s what we specialise in, not focusing on specific offerings.” As the businesswoman explained: “We don’t want to get into a rut.” Mandarin Design offers a full range of services from websites and brochures to full-scale advertising campaigns.

Life without the Internet is inconceivable in the design studio. The manager even refers to it as her ?second brain?: “I do virtually everything by e-mail. My e-mail inbox is my task list. If I forget or have to check up on something, I depend on having written an email about it. I have to admit, I’m completely hooked.” Data transfers between Mandarin Design, clients and printers account for high daily traffic rates. It’s pretty obvious why Mandarin Design relies exclusively on UPC Business:

“They have the fastest lines and the best prices. We are utterly dependent on being able to circulate large volumes of data without a hitch.”

Aside from Internet services, Burghard also opted for UPC Business’ virtual telephony product. Her decision was based on one simple and practical reason: “It’s a must-have for a company. It looks more professional on business cards and letterheads.”

Everything runs smoothly, according to Burghard. “I was very satisfied by UPC right from the start. We took a big step forward with the business line. I’ve never found the network to be too slow. We have never had a breakdown. And we really are online non-stop.”

Like many other customers, she was delighted to receive an invitation from UPC to an event in Gstaad. “I thought it was great to be pandered to by an account manager for a change. It was really cool, because usually we’re the service providers who are wooing clients. It’s a pleasant experience,” grins Denise Burghard, before glancing at her inbox again.

The person

Denise Burghard has been owner and managing director of Mandarin Design since 2007. Her career started with a preliminary course at art college in Zurich, before she opted to train as a graphic designer. After various jobs with well-known companies in the packaging industry, she decided to start her own business.

The company

Headquartered in Winterhur Mandarin Design GmbH offers a full range of web, print and media design services. The young company develops creative solutions tailored to clients’ needs, while at the same time keeping processes short and straightforward.

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