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«I can’t get over how fast it is.»

Maria Klein, Managing Director, Maria Klein Matchmaking

Maria Klein has been dealing with affairs of the heart for over thirty years. Her dating agency is widely acclaimed and the entrepreneurial businesswoman and successful author travels a lot: “The flexible Digital Phone solution from UPC Business gives me complete freedom.”

Maria Klein got into her current business by accident. The qualified social worker took up a post in a dating agency on completing her training. She quickly discovered her talent for the job, and founded her own company. “To begin with, business boomed. Things got more difficult with the advent of Internet,” she remarked, looking back on her business career.

In the meantime, the tide has turned: “People simply aren’t prepared to send messages back and forth for hours, only to be disappointed at the end of the day. Lots of my customers are highly successful in their professions, and simply have no time for online dating.” Success rates are good: “Some couples still send me a postcard from their holidays 15 or 20 years later.” Maria Klein has written several books on dating, and is a popular guest on German TV shows: “I was first in the business to take such a proactive approach to the public.”

As a busy businesswoman Maria Klein must always be available. The UPC Business telephony offering helps her do just that: “I’m very happy with my flat rate, which covers Switzerland and the main foreign destinations. I can make as many calls as I like, at home and abroad.” The Digital Phone solution means that she doesn’t have to spare a thought about where she is working from:

«I can switch my telephone to the setting I want at any time. I can even sort out problems when I’m relaxing on the Baltic coast.”

This flexibility is the crucial factor in Maria Klein’s eyes. She can access the configuration of her Digital Phone solution online, view caller lists, check her answering machine, or adjust call forwarding. Although technology is not really her thing, she finds it easy to operate. “I understand everything when the people from the UPC Support team explain things.”

She’s enthusiastic about UPC’s high-speed Internet connection: “The speed is fascinating. When we set up Internet in the office here, everyone was astounded at how fast everything was!” She noticed the difference so much at home that she swapped to UPC for her private use as well: “With UPC it’s a case of click and go.”

Maria Klein’s final analysis: “I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

The person

Maria Klein is a qualified social worker who founded her own company following a short period of employment in a dating agency. She has written books on love and partnership, and is in high demand as a talk show guest on German-speaking television. Born in Germany, she has lived in Switzerland for five years, and looks after clients all over the world from her base in Kreuzlingen.

The company

The exclusive Maria Klein dating agency offers single people the chance to find the perfect partner as an alternative to online dating websites, focusing on individual expectations. She helps people find happiness, based on one-to-one talks, personalised advice and a well-developed intuition. Maria Klein and her team serve a select clientele from several offices in Germany and Switzerland.

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