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Jörg Bottlang:

Initial situation

The Model Group is a 135-year-old family-owned company, managed by the 4th generation of the family, Daniel and Elisabeth Model. The company with headquarters in Weinfelden, Thurgau, and locations all over Europe produces intelligent, innovative, high-quality display and packaging solutions from solid board and corrugated cardboard. In 2018 the Model Group generated revenue of nearly one billion Swiss francs.

Starting in 2013, UPC Business regularly sought contact with the company’s management and gradually built trust. In 2015 UPC Business was invited to offer a master plan for the company network and Internet service. The plan should also take locations in other countries into account. The data centre is operated by Model itself and is situated at its headquarters.

UPC offered a complete solution with a time horizon of 6 years. The offer demonstrated value both with regard to the price and in terms of flexibility and individualisation. Model AG signed the contract in September 2015. The first locations went into operation in December. By March 2016, migration was completed.


The headquarters were connected geo-redundantly to UPC Business’s fibre optic network. The data centre there uses Business Internet with 200/200 Mbit/s and Business VPN with 500/500 Mbit/s. The other locations were connected with Business VPN, whereby connection of the Swiss locations was realised in each case with two physically separate accesses (fibre optic, DSL). At the branch locations, bandwidths of 50 or 100 Mbit/s are available. The contract guarantees flexible modification of the services at specified prices until 2021. This gives the customer the desired reliable basis for calculation.

Like every business client of UPC Business, the Model Group enjoys the advantage of a direct contact team, which ensures competent, prompt and unbureaucratic support.

Extra mile

The geo-redundant connection of the locations to UPC Business’s fibre optic network ensures maximum availability.

Correct as of: October 2019

«As a company with a variety of production locations, we are dependent on a highly available company network. UPC Business performs the SLA's reliably and informs us of planned and unplanned interruptions in an exemplary manner. We also value the innovative offerings such as SD-WAN. This cooperation moves us forward.»

Christian Baum
Team Leader Business Applications, Model AG

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