MTF Thörishaus AG

«UPC shares a common entrepreneurial spirit with us and our customers.»

Ueli Tritten, CEO, MTF Thörishaus AG

As a member of the MTF Group, MTF Thörishaus belongs to one of Switzerland’s largest IT system companies.

In its capacity as a general contractor, MTF Thörishaus performs all tasks from consultancy and conception and procurement of system components to installation and full after sales services, including maintenance, repairs and warranty work. Founded in 1995, the company currently serves over 300 corporate customers and employs a staff of 40.

UPC Business provides the company and its customers with broadband connections and voice services based on the latter.

Ueli Tritten:

«UPC’s flexibility and agility create genuine added value in our business and our input is acknowledged unhesitatingly.»

Als viertgrösste Schweizer Versicherung beschäftigt Basler Versicherungen rund 3’100 Mitarbeitende. Das Firmennetz umfasst 132 Standorte in der ganzen Schweiz, die untereinander mit Datenraten bis zu 10 Gigabit pro Sekunde kommunizieren.

Schon seit über 10 Jahren vertrauen die Basler Versicherungen auf das zuverlässige Firmennetz von UPC Business. François Ryffel, Leiter Communications Services, begründet dies so:

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