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«UPC Business was recommended to us because the connection is fast.»

Michele Cafagna, Managing Director, Personal Knobel

The atmosphere at Personal Knobel AG in Pfäffikon is informal. The small employment agency sets store by its local roots and the performance of each member of staff.

The growing trend for global players to settle in the Lake Zurich area is a great source of potential for the employment agency Personal Knobel, founded in 1988. Equally important, though, emphasises managing director and co-owner Michele Cafagna, is the local clientele and fostering relations with long-standing clients: “We prefer to focus on keeping our key accounts rather than appealing to a wider audience purely to grow at all costs.” He is particularly proud of his team of ten advisors who channel their personal commitment and enthusiasm into recruiting candidates. And it is reflected in the corporate philosophy: “Here, every member of staff is like a company within a company.”

In order to meet their own high standards, the team relies on an efficient infrastructure, part of which is the ultra-fast Internet connection from UPC Business.

«The Internet is our trusty companion; we use it intensively on a daily basis. On the one hand to e-mail clients and applicants, and on the other for research purposes,”»

comments Michele Cafagna. “The technology market is extremely fast-paced – and with UPC Business we are right up front!”

Cafagna, whose interest in technology is rather pragmatic – his approach is one of “as long as it works” – nevertheless checked up once on whether UPC delivered the promised bandwidth. Only to conclude that: “They really do deliver the goods.” Personal Knobel has never had a breakdown. In the recruitment business things often have to sewn up quickly, which is why a failure would have dire consequences, according to Cafagna.

His positive experience has dramatically changed Cafagna’s initial impression of UPC. Today the entrepreneur is not only impressed by the technical performance but also by customer support: “They were very fast, which you can’t always take for granted. Given their image, I wasn’t expecting it.”

The person

Michele Cafagna undertook business studies, majoring in technical subjects. He later completed a degree in business administration and joined Personal Knobel AG as managing director. After several years he eventually took over the company together with Sandro Caramanico.

The company

Alfred Knobel founded the employment agency in Pfäffikon in 1988. With offices in Pfäffikon and Wädenswil, Personal Knobel AG is well represented in the Lake Zurich business community. The company specialises in recruiting permanent staff in the commercial and technical field. Its clientele includes companies of all sizes from all industries.

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