Pneu Egger

«They keep their promises 100 percent of the time.»

Oliver Klee, Head of IT, Pneu Egger AG

Tire specialist Pneu Egger is known for its funny TV advertisements, but it also puts a lot of work into the quality of its business processes. Its unusual collaborative project PneuCom shows that combining high quality and low costs is a very achievable goal.

When business competitors share the same IT infrastructure, their IT service provider is usually a neutral third party. Companies Pneu Egger and Adam Touring, however, have taken an unconventional approach. To cut costs, the two competitors started to work together when it comes to IT. They call their unusual project PneuCom.

The PneuCom principle can be summed up in four words: separate logic, shared platform. Using a corporate VPN solution from UPC Business and Citrix-ready thin clients, the two companies can use sales software that runs in a central data center. The network also serves as a platform for the two companies’ landline phones. The enterprise-wide VoIP solution has dramatically cut their phone costs.

Oliver Klee has been Head of IT at Pneu Egger since 2005. He explains why the company chose UPC Business: “We wanted one contract with one partner for all of our locations. We needed a provider that was available everywhere in Switzerland. Later on, quality of service was an issue when we launched VoIP. Equally important to us was their ability to quickly respond in the event of a service interruption.” 

«UPC had the best package all-round.»

“As it turned out,” he continues, “UPC Business managed to keep all of its promises. Take its proactive network monitoring for example. Their customer service has reported disturbances before the affected branch office noticed the problem. Another example was our QoS conversion. When we launched VoIP, the routers were replaced as promised. It all took place quickly and easily.”

Even after many years of successful collaboration, the people at Pneu Egger are convinced that they are getting the right products and services: [[„Customer service does a great job.“

The person

Oliver Klee has been Pneu Egger’s Head of IT since 2005 and is now responsible for IT operations for both Pneu Egger and Adam Touring. After training at Vergölst GmbH in Bad Nauheim, he worked as a project manager during the launch of DiDaC, as European key user for the POS system and then as assistant head of IT. Mr. Klee completed a part-time MBA in IT Management in 2004. He is married and has one child.

The company

Pneu Egger has 38 locations across Switzerland offering a full range of vehicle services. The company was founded in 1949 in St. Gallen. Its headquarters are in Aarau. With 340 employees, annual revenue of nearly CHF 110 million, and annual sales of 400,000 tires, Pneu Egger is Switzerland’s leading retail tire specialist.

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