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«Given the performance the company delivers, the value for money is unbeatable.»

Corina Haselmann, Partner, SHIRA Consulting AG

As a former Swisscom customer, Corina Haselmann, partner at SHIRA Consulting, has the advantage of being able to compare both companies directly and has come to the conclusion that “UPC Business is miles ahead of the competition”. Today, Corina Haselmann even recommends his/her customers to switch to UPC Business.

Just over a year ago, Corina Haselmann and her partner made their dream of self-employment come true. From their spacious offices in Horgen, they run a small but highly professional consultancy firm. Both can look back on impressive careers in international companies before taking the plunge. Their management consultancy takes the approach of a comprehensive partnership with the customer. They cater for all requirements – everything is on offer from classic trust services to individual coaching. His/Her customers appreciate his/her holistic, personal advice. The young business is in the process of successfully establishing a solid base of customers from various industries and countries.

SHIRA Consulting uses the Internet in highly innovative ways. A dedicated app was developed for customers, which allows direct access to company data such as accounting figures, reports, etc. To this end, every customer is given an iPad. The basis for this service is a robust, reliable Internet connection. The competition did not impress Corina Haselmann: despite the good service, connection speeds fell short and technical issues with e-mail traffic could not be resolved.

By chance, she/he became aware of the services offered by UPC Business, and a consultation with a customer advisor won Corina Haselmann over. A business connection from UPC Business was activated shortly afterwards. “Everything went smoothly. I have even started to advise our customers to switch to UPC. Once it’s up and running, everything runs like a clockwork.” Corina Haselmann emphasises the importance of a reliable, fast Internet connection for himself/herself and his/her clients:

«As we operate internationally, we are set up in such a way that everything works, regardless of location.»

After nearly a year with UPC Business, the entrepreneur is thrilled with the services. She has only had to call on the support team for some minor issues, and these were always rectified to her full satisfaction. “I have to say that from a technical point of view, UPC Business is miles ahead of the competition. And in terms of the prices too. Given the service the company provides, the value for money is unbeatable.”

The person

As an HR specialist trained in psychology, Corina Haselmann has acquired a broad range of expertise in a number of international companies and, together with her partner, is able to support her customers in all areas.

The company

SHIRA Consulting, with its headquarters in Horgen, provides unique management consulting with a holistic approach. The company works with innovative concepts and state-of-the-art technology. These include classic trust services as well as services in finance, IT, HR, and even personal coaching, app programming for iOs, Android and Windows Mobile.

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