Swiss Red Cross

«We appreciate working with UPC Business on a basis that almost approaches camaraderie.»

Benno Stucki, Head of ICT Services, Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross is Switzerland’s most important humanitarian organisation. Its federalist-based structure presents ICT Management with special challenges. Benno Stucki, head of ICT Services comments that combined with the UPC Business services, the offer is a “real business enabler.

As a specialist department the ICT services function as a cost centre, the operational departments purchase services at an internal costing price. The brief is to provide high-quality ICT services at top level performance and availability. „The purpose of consistent outsourcing is to help our customers concentrate fully on their core business again,“ says Benno Stucki.

“Having the services on a central Citrix terminal server platform enables us to offer our services to every Swiss Red Cross organisation using the ASP model,” he says. “Our portfolio includes everything from Office to an ERP system to a complex CRM solution. A few years ago we added a modern VoIP telephony system which is fully integrated in MS Office and the other business applications.”

Since all of their data is kept at a central location, their connection to the data center is absolutely critical. As Benno Stucki explains:

«The network is absolutely vital to our success. It’s our basic service, so it has to have 100 percent reliability and performance.»

Asked what the benefits are of having worked with UPC Business for so many years, he says: “It has two advantages. The first is high-quality WAN services. The second is affordability.” And his experience with UPC Business? “When I think back, all of our experiences have been positive. Their employees are very nice, they listen carefully to what we ask for, and they don’t try to unload assembly-line solutions on us. What impresses me is how innovative the company always is.”

The person

Benno Stucki has worked in computers since his business admin training. He has almost 30 years of experience in IT and originally worked on software development, later in analysis and then in project management. He has worked for an electronics company, a major bank, a wholesalers and the Swiss Federation. In 1995 he joined the SRC headquarters where he took over as head of ICT services.

The company

The Swiss Red Cross is Switzerland’s most important humanitarian organisation with almost 70,000 volunteers and 500,000 members. As the only national Red Cross society recognised by the Swiss Federation, the SRC today is part of the global Red Cross movement. The headquarters in Bern provide professional and tailor-made services the healthcare and integration sectors, in disaster relief, reconstruction and development work.

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