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The extra mile for the TKB

Initial situation

In 2009, Thurgauer Kantonalbank decided to modernise its WAN infrastructure and invite tenders for this. To have enough long-term reserve capacity, all locations had to be connected to the fibre optic network. Additional requirements: end-to-end encrypting of all data traffic, top Service availability a fair price and rapid implementation. UPC Business and other providers submitted bids for the contract. TKB decided on UPC Business.

In 2018, TKB decided to update the LAN infrastructure which they were also renting, including the security services in the entire branch network. UPC Business was invited to present a solution and take on responsibility for all network services including security.


The fibre-optic based WAN stands out with its well-conceived basic design. The growing bandwidth requirements can always be met. The main and backup connections have the same symmetric bandwidths. To guarantee maximum availability, two independent WAN platforms were implemented (MPLS and HPPN). Phoning over a fixed network is ensured via a redundant SIP trunk.

In 2018 a general contractor concept was developed which provides for collaboration with partners: UPC Business acts as the general contractor and operates the encrypted WAN area, while Kapsch BusinessCom Switzerland operates the LAN/MAN/WLAN segment and a third partner the Internet Access Service segment.

The success of the long-standing collaboration depends materially on all parties’ commitment to consistently constructive communication between the participants.

Extra miles

Connecting all the locations with fibre optics meant high investment costs for UPC Business. Rapid realisation of the new fibre optic routes placed high demands on Fibre Management.

To be able to meet the cantonal bank’s requirements at all times, it was necessary to design and implement FINMA-compatible architecture with the appropriate processes. UPC Business accepted the challenge and gained the necessary technological and organisational qualifications for the highest standards.

An interruption of network services during office hours was not an option, so migration took place, for the most part, outside business hours. Staying on schedule necessitated countless overtime hours and special operations.

Modernisation of the LAN infrastructure was realised with the partner Kapsch BusinessCom Switzerland. UPC Business has the overall responsibility as General Contractor for all network services, whereby direct exchanges between the customer and the solution partners are welcomed both by UPC Business and by the customer.

Correct as of: Juni 2019

"The network solution from UPC Business is perfectly tailored to us. we appreciate our long-term cooperation and the professional services which UPC Business provide for us.”

Curdin Schenkel
Curdin Schenkel, Manager Workplace & Infrastructure, TKB

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