«UPC made us the best offer.»

Mario Hidber, Head of IT, Walli Ingenieure AG

Wälli AG Ingenieure is a leading engineering company in eastern Switzerland. Looking back more than sixty years the company has invested valuable know-how in complex public sector infrastructure projects, extensive developments and geo data info systems, earning it a good business reputation.

The history of the quantum leaps in network infrastructure can be retraced in the Arbon engineering firm Wälli: as early as 2001 the company had around ten sites that it wanted to link up. At the time, only ISDN technology was available. As Mario Hidber recalls: “Of course it wasn’t terribly efficient, but at least you could make a connection from A to B.”

The engineers stayed with ISDN until 2003. IT boss Hidber had high hopes of the huge improvements the change to ADSL would bring. His expectations were only partly fulfilled:

«The main problem was the asynchronous lines.»

As the company continued to grow, the increased data traffic resulted in faults and bottlenecks. So the company decided to call for tenders. UPC Business was also invited to pitch. Hidber was impressed: “UPC made us the best offer!” He considered the remaining competitor offers “run of the mill”.

As a result, Wälli AG Ingenieure switched to UPC Business for Internet and telephony in the autumn of 2010.The new high-speed Internet from UPC Business means Hidber can forge ahead with his plans to centralise the infrastructure. Highly complex calculations and extensive graphic data are involved in engineering: Wälli Ingenieure AG stores this data centrally and seeks to make it accessible to all sites via Citrix. Hidber’s main aim is that the 120 employees can easily access all data, no matter where they are. So far, things look very promising: he rates the optical fibre network as “extremely stable” and says the old problems encountered with ADSL are “virtually eliminated”.

The person

Mario Hidber is a top-flight IT expert who keeps up to date through continuous training. As Head of IT at Wälli AG Ingenieure, he has been involved in developing the central data centre at Arbon from the start.

The company

Wälli AG Ingenieure is an established engineering firm from eastern Switzerland, based in Arbon. Its staff of around 130 people manages challenging civil and structural engineering and geo data projects. The company has expanded greatly in recent years due to various acquisitions.

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