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Initial situation

Since 1946 Witzig The Office Company has been offering products and services in the areas of office planning, office equipment, office supplies and office technology. In 2016 the company launched the new Office as a Service offer. The BusinessPoint was opened in Bern train station, followed by the Ideation Spaces in Zurich, Bern and Frauenfeld a year later. In 2018, COWORKING Lenzburg was added.

In 2016 the company was looking for a partner for the modernisation of the ICT infrastructure and outsourcing of the ICT operation. A decision was made for A. Baggenstos & Co. AG, Wallisellen, a long-standing partner of UPC Business. As part of the “Total Care Outsourcing” project, communications solutions with a better value for money were wanted. The wish list included a new company network and a multi-WLAN infrastructure for the individual locations, among other things. For security reasons, the customer WLAN traffic in the Office as a Service environments needed to be separated from internal company WLAN traffic. In addition, two different wireless networks should be available to employees: one for business use and one for private use. Baggenstos started its search for a provider which could supply both a powerful WAN infrastructure and a customised Managed WLAN service. To the delight of Baggenstos, UPC Business was able to offer still more: Internet connections at all locations, a connection solution for Skype for Business, and rack space in Interxion’s data centre in Glattbrugg. The full service package convinced both Baggenstos and Witzig.


The servers for Witzig The Office Company are located in Interxion’s data centre in Glattbrugg, where UPC Business provides the necessary rack space. Baggenstos is responsible for the operation of the hardware and software.

For the company network, Business VPN with various connection technologies (SDSL, fibre optic) and bandwidths (20 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s) is used at all 14 locations.

The Internet traffic is kept structurally separate: employees use Internet via VPN from the central Internet connection in the data centre. Customers who log into wifi at the various locations surf on local Internet connections. They are also registered centrally and are authenticated by SMS. This concept offers maximum security and flexibility.

At all locations the LAN infrastructure was equipped with three wireless networks: a public one for customers and two others for the employees’ mobile devices and the mobile internal network. The WLAN infrastructure is based on Cloud Managed Wireless LAN from Cisco Meraki and is configured by UPC Business and operated as a managed service.

For telephone services, Witzig uses Skype for Business. The telephony environment is managed by Baggenstos. UPC Business provides a SIP trunk in the data centre for the connection to the public network. Connections between the locations are established via Business VPN with QoS prioritisation. Old fax devices were replaced with the Fax-to-Mail solution from UPC Business.

For the Internet and VPN Services, Baggenstos provides first level and UPC Business second level support.

The responsible managers from Baggenstos and UPC Business meet regularly for status meetings to coordinate desired measures and ensure seamless operation.

Extra miles

The entire modernisation project took place under great time pressure, since the customer’s existing subscription contracts were about to expire. Thanks to very productive cooperation between Baggenstos and UPC Business as well as great flexibility in problem solving, it was possible to implement the project smoothly within less than three months.

Correct as of: November 2019

«Connection of our locations by UPC Business brought a significant cost reduction. The customised WLAN concept increases security and makes a vital contribution to the success of office as a service.»

Bruno Anderegg
Bruno Anderegg, ICT Manager, Witzig The Office Company AG

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