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In the last ten years, one technology has emerged as a successor to the traditional telephone – VoIP. VoIP (short for Voice over Internet Protocol) is nothing other than Internet telephony and bridges the gap between traditional fixed network telephony and digital communication, i.e. calls are transmitted over the Internet.



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Advantages of VoIP

Now the time has finally come to take fixed network telephony to the next level. This technology offers numerous advantages.

No telephone system

Virtual telephone systems in the cloud are software-based and replace the traditional and expensive on-site telephone system.


HD voice quality

With modern IP telephones, all calls are transmitted in HD sound – even when several calls are being made at the same time.


Manage online

A web-based user interface allows you to manage and expand your VoIP telephone system simply – even across multiple sites.


Fixed network always with you

Whether working from home or on a business trip: thanks to a smartphone app, you can take your fixed network number with you wherever you go.


Additional features

Telephone conferences, hunt groups, web faxes – these and numerous other useful features are a breeze thanks to VoIP.


No internal call costs

As you are making calls within a telephone service, the internal costs are zero (cross-location telephony).


IP telephony solutions for your company

Discover our future-proof and reliable telephony offers

VoIP is future-oriented, economical, practical and flexible. As the leading Swiss VoIP provider, we have also got the right solution for you.


You want to connect your existing telephone system (ISDN, IP or hybrid TVA) to the telephone network or modernise it – we can help.


Virtual PBX

You do not have your own telephone system (TVA), but would like to benefit from the numerous features of IP telephony? With Virtual PBX from UPC Business you can use our cloud and you do not have to purchase your own telephone system.


Business Package

Take advantage of the Business Package and combine IP telephony (VoIP) with the fastest Internet and brilliant TV, the ideal product for small companies.


Business Numbers

For a professional and more efficient corporate image – select your desired telephone number.


Lots of companies trust us – you should, too!


Business Internet

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Whether you are a one-person enterprise or a large-scale corporation: UPC Business allows your company to use the fastest Internet connection in Switzerland. A powerful Internet connection forms the basis for every telephony solution.


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