IP Transit

Enjoy the advantages
of a Tier 1 provider

Highest standards for your
Internet access

As a T1 carrier, our IP transit solution offers connections to all the worldwide nodes, based on the reliability, availability and high quality of UPC Business’s global IP network. Our network (IP transit bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s) is connected to the Internet redundantly in Zurich and Geneva. This means that UPC Business can guarantee high availability. 


Best internet connections

Flexible and customised solutions

Best-in-class AS/BGP specialist knowledge and experience



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Advantages of IP transit

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge, experience and possibilities in the area of IP transit.

Connection of your autonomous system (AS)

The Business IP Transit Service from UPC Business covers the special needs of large enterprises that use their own AS and wish to advertise.


Routing made simple

This means that customers can be connected to the Internet with their own IP address range and AS, without having to deal with the complexity of Internet routing.


One partner for everything

The management options offer Internet access via several Internet Service Providers, managed by UPC Business


Combine and benefit

As our Business IP Transit is based on fibre optic technology, you can combine it with other transport services such as Business Internet, Business VPN, Business Ethernet and Cloud Internet without any problem.


Many different redundancy concepts

The multi-platform/access infrastructures and geo-redundant (physically independent) connections from UPC offer a large selection of redundancy concepts, which guarantee maximum availabilities.


Core features at a glance

What is included in the UPC IP Transit product?


IP Transit Features


up to 10 Gbit/s

Number of service/cloud providers

up to 3




Downtime during support hours


Bronze: annual availability of 99.8%, max. 8 hours 

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) unmanaged


Cyber security

DDoS and various firewalls

Options for UPC Transit connections

Why settle for what is standard? Here are our options for even more performance and service

Multihoming for greater security

Connect to several ISPs for more security – redundantly connected. 


Border Gateway Protocol Management

Our competency for your BGP management: Either as a managed (BGP routing by UPC Business) or unmanaged service (BGP routing by customer or another Internet Service Provider). 


Highest level of service and support

With our Platimum Service Level, we guarantee an annual availability of 99.95%, max. 1 hour of downtime during support hours, for redundantly connected sites.


Security is a top priority for you? For us, too!

The UPC Business DDoS Protection Service – your company network in safe hands

To defend your company from attacks and protect our business customers’ services. If the protection (DDoS Protection Service) is activated, it continuously analyses your data stream for anomalies. If an attack is detected, the data stream is diverted by the threat management system (TMS). This means that your business processes and the availability of services are not affected.


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