Business Cloud Interconnect

UPC Business provides you with a secure and efficient connection to cloud service providers and enables you to use business-critical and latency-sensitive applications reliably from the cloud.

Connected with the largest cloud service providers

Carrier Class Connection

Symmetrical bandwidths available

Your advantages

Secure, high-performance and high-availability connection

Dedicated connection

The data traffic is routed via a dedicated connection with few hops, directly between your local network and the cloud service provider, bypassing public Internet entirely.

Scalable and reliable, with excellent value for money

The cloud connections to the international cloud service locations are established through UPC’s European backbone. This provides you with a tailored, reliable and economical option for running business-critical and latency-sensitive applications in the cloud.

Secure Transmission

Transmission by means of an optical fibre connection at your business locations ensures secure transmission with a high data volume and minimal latency times.

Maximum Reliability

The backbone is designed in a geo-redundant way. Based on this, Carrier Ethernet E-Line Services are used to ensure the highly available and dedicated connection to the cloud.

Standard Features


Bandwidths 50 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s (symmetrical)

Network access via Carrier Ethernet Service

Fault reports received 24/7 / 365 days a year

Possible with the most common service providers such as Microsoft

Redundancy of transmission and connecting devices


Annual availability rate of 99.9%, max. 2 hours’ downtime during support hours


Additional Functions

Connect your applications to your cloud service provider of choice.

Multiple Cloud Services

Cloud service providers offer the option of using multiple services by means of one cloud. Signalling on the basis of VLAN is employed for using the various services from the cloud.

Multiple Provider

Business Cloud Interconnect Service also offers the option of accessing multiple cloud service providers with the same access infrastructure.

Cloud Service Provider

At present the most important cloud service providers are available to you: Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon Web Services. Additional cloud service providers such as SAP will follow soon.

Cloud Exchange Locations

The connection to the cloud service provider takes place in Zurich/Geneva (CH) for national locations and in Amsterdam (NL), Frankfurt (D) and Slough (UK) for international cloud service locations. The connection to the cloud service providers takes place at the Equinix and Interxion Cloud Exchange locations.

Business VPN

The secure and reliable company network.

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