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What is SD-WAN?

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SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network is a new way to build, manage and optimize a wide area network with an application aware networking focus. SD-WANs are incorporating various network transports capabilities into a WAN, forming a virtual overlay across all network transport connections. This allows to deploy SD-WANs in a fast, flexible and cost efficient especially when international sites must be incorporated. As enterprises are adopting cloud-based business applications, legacy WAN infrastructure and traditional traffic management practices are getting too limited to support the upcoming application needs. SD-WANs measure the real-time transport quality (latency and packet loss) and uses policy-based routing to route application-specific traffic over the most appropriate network transport connection. SD-WANs delivered as a service provide the benefits of the traditional VPN services while enabling secure direct Internet access and seamless extension of the WAN to cloud services.

The SD-WAN platform includes a centralized management plane, a control plane (control devices) and a data plane (edge devices). The management plane orchestrates connectivity between management, control and data plane and pushes centralized traffic policies and traffic priorization roles down to the control plane - the centralized brain of the SD-WAN platform. The full management view and the advanced analytics, provided through the customer GUI will help find and solve end-to-end performance issues.

Why Software-defined WAN?

Our flexible, application-base and efficient WAN technology.

Applications are moving to the Cloud

(private and public)

Internet edge is moving to the remote site

(international sites)

Flexibility of variety of access

(mix and match network transport connection)


(optimizing bandwidth by prioritizing traffic, offering transport flexibility)

Application aware networking

(advanced analytics)


SD-WAN features

Get more out of your network: Expand number of users, apps and devices

The Cloud solution of UPC Business transforms your enterprise into a new era.
Discover how the UPC SD-WAN, ensures better security, reliability and cost efficiency on your enterprise connections.

Applications and policy based routing

(Data forwarding)

Cloud access

(through cloud gateways or private dedicated cloud access)

Full Management view

(Advanced Application view/control)

Hybrid networks integration

(Internet, MPLS, LTE a.o.)

Integrated Security Features

(cloud firewall services, on premise security appliances)

Secure direct Internet access




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