Business Internet 

Internet with
symmetrical bandwidth

With Business Internet Symmetric you receive your own Internet line at your company premises that you do not share with anyone else. The symmetrical bandwidth is guaranteed and the full capacity of the dedicated line can be used at all times. IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are supported as standard.

Internet connections with symmetric bandwidths

When you opt for an Internet connection with symmetrical bandwidth you are assigned a leased line for your exclusive use. The symmetrical bandwidth assigned to you is thus guaranteed and you can always use the full capacity of the leased line. Furthermore, the upload and download speeds are equally fast. This is indispensable if you frequently transfer large volumes of data and rely on a constant level of performance from your Internet connection.

The Business Internet of UPC supports the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols as standard, based on dual stack implementation. Thus the Internet service bandwidths for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic are available without any additional connection.

DDoS - protect your company from attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can flood your IT infrastructure or cause it to crash by overwhelming it with traffic. Take advantage of DDoS protection from upc cablecom business:


Comprehensive protection from all kinds of DDoS attacks

Permanent or on demand monitoring Work securely, even during DDoS attacks

Available bandwidths





Bandwidth up/downstream 

Business Internet Symmetric 2/2

2 Mbit/s / 2 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 4/4

4 Mbit/s / 4 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 6/6

6 Mbit/s / 6 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 8/8

8 Mbit/s / 8 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 10/10

10 Mbit/s / 10 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 100/100

100 Mbit/s / 100 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric 1000/1000

1000 Mbit/s / 1000 Mbit/s

Business Internet Symmetric10000/10000

10000 Mbit/s / 10000 Mbit/s



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