Business Numbers

With the Business Numbers service, UPC Business manages your chosen business numbers. Calls to these numbers are forwarded to your desired connection by UPC Business. This means that your customers can always reach you – nationally and internationally.

Wide range of possibilities

Simple and quick number porting

Can be cancelled at any time at the end of the month

Your advantages

Simply be contactable!

Clear channel management

Central contact point for sales, information or support

Flexible terms

You can also use our UPC Business Numbers without a UPC voice contract. Can be cancelled monthly

Transparent cost monitoring

Billing for services such as purchase of items, information or advice via telephone bill

Variable routing

If the line is engaged or if the call cannot be answered, it can be forwarded to another destination number.

Reporting possibility

Analysis of various marketing activities and sales channels possible

Standard features


Fault elimination within 24 hours during support hours

Fault reporting

7 × 24 / 365 days a year

Support times Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm

5 × 11

Notice period

1 month

Redirect if engaged or if no answer


Call forwarding according to origin


The right business numbers for your company

UPC Business provides you with business numbers, so that you can

communicate professionally and efficiently with your customers.

Free numbers - 0800

Your company can only be reached via a free number. You bear the call costs.

Sharing of charges - 084x

Connection charges are shared with the caller. With this option, you can be reached at the standard fixed network costs.

Service numbers - 090x

Your company offers a value-added service, which is billed by adding a surcharge to the fee. For example, competitions, counselling.

Business VPN

The secure and reliable company network.

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