Mobile Pool

Advantages of Business Mobile Pool

Flexible rates


Combination of individual
and shared allowance


Mobile 4G+
High Speed Internet


Attractive packages
purely for data usage
(data pooling)


The flexible mobile tariff for every size of company

Our Business Mobile Pool tariffs offer you maximum flexibility and full cost control. Combine High Speed data, call minutes and SMS allowances that all your employees can access, or create custom tariffs for every individual. Depending on the needs of your company, you can also combine individual and shared allowances.

Individual allowance

All employees receive personal individual allowances that are independent of one another and can only be used by the individual.

Shared allowance (pool)

All employees use a shared central allowance, known as the “pool”.

Individual allowance + pool

In addition to the shared allowance, every employee also has their own personal allowance, which only he or she can use. After using up the units included in his or her individual allowance, the employee accesses the shared allowance.


Business Mobile

Flexible Mobile subscriptions for Switzerland and Europe.

With our Business Mobile tariffs for business customers we have got the right offer for everyone who wants to make calls and browse the Internet from their Business Mobile. Self-employed people, SMEs, start-ups or large enterprises – we have got the right Business Mobile subscription for every company. 


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