Better safe than sorry

Nowadays cybercrime is an industrial multi-billion dollar business. With the digitisation and interconnection of all areas of human life, information systems are growing ever more complex – which also makes them more vulnerable. For 2018, McAfee estimated the total damage from cybercrime at 600 billion dollars worldwide.

Even companies in Switzerland are increasingly threatened by cyber attacks. ICTswitzerland is alarmed at the carelessness of many SMEs and since September 2018 has offered a quick cyber-security check for SMEs. In addition to protection from hackers, security has another important function: creating and maintaining an innovation-friendly IT environment.

When properly designed, security is an investment in the company’s innovative capability. This calls for specialists who understand the business model and can deliver a customised security concept.

«More than a third of Swiss SMEs are affected by cyber attacks." ICTSwitzerland»


The extra mile for BKW

In 2017, the energy and infrastructure service provider BKW decided to modernise its international corporate network. A complex and sophisticated SD-WAN project with cloud and security integration was implemented for this purpose, in which UPC Business went a few extra miles for the BKW Group.

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