Security Services

The Security Services protect your company network from unauthorised access and provide you with a detailed overview of the use of your applications.

  • Web-based portal for reporting and information management
  • Comprehensive hardware and software management
  • Standardised Virtual Private Network (VPN) with simple integration of sites
  • Content filter available to protect you from unwanted content
  • 24/7 monitoring and management

LAN Services

The LAN Services operate and monitor your local network and provide you with a detailed overview of the devices operated on the LAN.

  • Fully managed LAN switches (8- and 24-port)
  • Comprehensive overview of the capacity and utilisation of LAN switch ports
  • Division into separate virtual LANs
  • With or without Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 7/24 monitoring and management

WiFi Services

Our WiFi Services guarantee the operation of a professional, high-performing wireless infrastructure.

  • Internal and/or public WiFi
  • Presence analysis with numerous reports of user behaviour
  • Company-specific landing pages or integration into your company’s Facebook profile
  • Bandwidth limits for each user group (SSID) and client
  • 7/24 monitoring and management