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Fully automatic data backup to the mountains

MOUNT10 is the reliable, professional online backup solution for your data.

External data backup to the SWISS FORT KNOX

Recovering deleted files is simplicity itself

For desktop, laptop, servers and databases

3-stage daily monitoring by MOUNT10


MOUNT10 AG is an official partner of UPC Business. It belongs to a group of companies with many years of experience in the highly secure storage of both physical and electronic information. The offerings are based on SWISS FORT KNOX I and II, two highly-secure data centre fortresses in the Swiss Alps.The MOUNT10 online backup solution offers fully automatic, standardised data backup to the mountains via the Internet. Every day, this simple service ensures the highly secure transfer of your important, valuable and confidential data such as contacts, e-mails, office documents etc. to the SWISS FORT KNOX.You manage the backup and recovery of your data very simply using the backup software that you download from our website, then install on your laptop, desktop or server. You can access data that has already been backed up from anywhere using WebAccess.


SWISS FORT KNOX is an underground data centre concept with several locations in the Swiss Alps. All facilities possess independent power supply systems in all areas and an atmosphere independent of the outside world. The structural design is proof against any military or civil threat. The 24-hour operation is constantly monitored from an Operations Centre. Multi-layered network and IT protective measures reduce any risk to the absolute minimum. All locations feature constant video and fire monitoring. The facilities are connected with one another by a dedicated fibre optic link. The concept is considered to be the most secure data centre in Europe.

Product overview

The MOUNT10 online backup solution is available to private individuals, the self-employed and companies, from the SME to the major corporation.

Desktop / laptop

Server / databases

Number of licences

Backup total capacity

Storage type





up to 5 TB






up to 100 TB








Cloud Computing - what's that?

With cloud computing, IT infrastructure such as hardware and software is provided via a network – via the “cloud”. When the name of the game is using your resources flexibly and  efficiently, wherever they are needed, there is no getting away from cloud computing.

Modern cloud services for SMEs and large corporations

Modern cloud services enable you to access your documents and data no matter where you are. Even if you are looking for a way in which to back up data reliably and regularly in a secure location  remote from your business premises, you will probably be extremely interested in cloud computing.  UPC Business caters for the needs of modern IT services with innovative cloud services.

How secure is the SWISS FORT KNOX?

The SWISS FORT KNOX offers the best possible data protection against any type of threat:

Own risk - Personnel


Erosion of one’s own protective measures


Theft, vandalism


Natural disaster & environmental damage


IT access problems (quarantine)


Terror / sabotage

SWISS FORT KNOX characteristics:

Underground “zero-risk” infrastructure


Optimal protection against atomic, biological and chemical attacks


Total screening against electromagnetic impulses (full EMP protection)


Authorised access only by vetted individuals accompanied by SIAG security personnel


Inspection area for freight traffic


Video monitoring of outside areas with automatic detection


Security areas, some of them equipped with explosion-proof compartments, bullet-proof individual access and inspection booths


Face recognition technology, video monitoring of all movements


Automatic visitor location monitoring


24-hour surveillance employing both a civil and military surveillance concept


Electrical generators, capable of operating for several weeks


Battery power for 24 hrs


Transformer room for generating quality electricity


KClimate control with air rehydration to optimal fixed values


Different micro-segmented air intake systems at inaccessible locations in the rock


Atmospheric overpressure to prevent gas penetration


Full ABC protection


High-performance refrigeration system with underground lake for cooling

How secure is MOUNT10?

Security is an important aspect in everyday Internet use. The major benefits of electronic communication entail risk. The high level of demand for and multi-faceted use of the World Wide Web provides an immense raft of security technology capabilities. Security has the highest priority of all MOUNT10’s business activities. We therefore occupy a pioneering role in all our Internet-based services. We help to define new standards and work only with cutting-edge products.

Digitale security

Fail-safe disk systems


SSL encryption


256-bit AES encryption


SSL WebAccess encryption


PKI architecture (Digital Certificates)


Redundant data storage

Physical security

ZeroRisk data centre


Autonomous structural computer centre infrastructure


Complete EMP protection


Highly autonomous supply infrastructure


Redundant IP communication infrastructure


The most stringent access processes


High degree of privacy protection


Support Level 1, 24/7 on site




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