TV over IP

Your own Internet television
with TV over IP

Enjoy Internet television in a customised package. You decide which channels you wish to receive on your premises, in your hotel or hospital.

Tomorrow’s technology with IP multicast streaming

No additional receiver necessary

The fiber optics line can be used simultaneously for data and voice services

Choose a future-proof technology

Opt for tomorrow’s technology: with TV over IP, the transmitter signals are broadcast as IP multicast streams via fiber optic cables and converted into a standard DVB-C signal. As the transmitter signal is not encrypted, you don’t need a Mediabox or DigiCard to decode TV channels. Furthermore, the high-availability fiber optics line can be used simultaneously for data and voice services.

Our TV over IP services are available in two versions: TV Broadcast service and TV Multicast service.

TV Broadcast Service

In this service programmes are processed as digital DVB-C over existing coax cables. An advantage in hotel and hospital rooms, no set-top boxes are necessary. TV programmes are aired as usual over TV Broadcast via the hotel's or hospital's internal coax network.


TV Multicast Service

This service transmits TV programmes as an IP multicast stream or with an IPTV solution over an internal LAN infrastructure.In the case of IP multicast streaming programmes can be accessed directly at the service access point.With an IPTV solution, televisions are connected to the LAN via an IP set-top box.



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