Premium numbers – the simple
way to be available

UPC Business premium numbers bring your company or organisation the availability you are looking for to guarantee personal and reliable customer care. Our Business Numbers provide a whole range of premium numbers so you can offer your customers everything for perfect service.

Business Numbers

Would you like an individual hotline number or a special telephone service? You decide which of our premium numbers best suits your offering.

Freephone numbers


Your company can be called on a freephone number.
You are billed for the call charges.


Shared-cost numbers


Your company shares call charges with the caller. These low-cost options allow companies and callers to reach you at the customary fixed network costs.


Personal Numbers


You decide which connection the caller is routed to by this number, up to a maximum at fixed network tariffs.


Premium service numbers


Your company offers a premium service that is billed via a surcharge on the call charge.


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