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Connect your traditional ISDN system or your modern IP telephone system to the telephone network and benefit from the versatile options currently provided by Voice over IP.

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Business Voice ISDN / IP-PBX

VoIP is future-focused, economical, practical and flexible–and it supports virtually all ISDN functions. As Switzerland’s leading VoIP provider, we have the right solution for you.
Take advantage of all Voice over IP benefits now and connect your existing system to the telephone network over the Internet. This future-focused technology is economical, flexible and guarantees high voice quality.

Business Voice ISDN-PBX

Voice services for the traditional environment (Analog / ISDN)


1 -4 BRI with direct dial numbers


1-2 PRI with direct dial numbers

Price on request



Voice services for IP networks (Voice over IP)


The number of SIP channels is not limited, but is dependent
on the available bandwidth.


A cable network connection offers a maximum of 10 SIP

Price on request



Business Flatrate

Switzerland, Europe, Export or World – choose the Business Flatrate that meets your requirements. Make calls to all fixed and mobile networks in the respective countries for an attractive flatrate.

Business Flatrate

Price per month for one Flatrate unit* 

Fixed network and mobile


CHF 30.-


CHF 45.-


CHF 55.-


CHF 110.-


The Business Flatrate is only available for all of your subscribers jointly.
* 1 flatrate unit per channel.

Telephone tariffs

All Swiss and international call rates for mobile and fixed network


Skype for Business

Skype for Business enables connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) directly over SIP to provide flexible unified communication capability with reduced cost. UPC Business helps enterprises to connect their on-premises Skype for Business infrastructure to external PSTN network in a highly scalable way. Skype for Business provides the most reliable PSTN interconnectivity with SIP trunk providers.

Reliable system integration

Professional and fast connection

Certificated MS Partner


Business Internet

Business Voice ISDN / IP-PBX requires an Internet connection from UPC
Business. Find out now about our attractive Business Internet offers.

Standard features

Voice channell: G.711 – 100 Kbit/s per voice channel
Telephone number porting: Existing telephone numbers can be ported by UPC Business
ISDN-PBX network connection: Euro-ISDN BRI/S0 RJ-45, Euro-ISDN PRI/S2M RJ-45
Additional functions: Supports emergency routing and telephone book entries

Service levels & support times

Service levels



Fault rectification within 24 hours during support hours



99.8% annual availability, max. 8 hours downtime during support hours



99.9% annual availability, max. 6 hours downtime during support hours



99.9% annual availability, max. 2 hours downtime during support hours



99.95% annual availability, max. 1 hour downtime during support hours

* Requirements: service must be redundant.

Support times



Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm



Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 10 pm



24 hours / 365 days

Note: The support hours for voice services may not exceed those for the data service.



We can be contacted on
0800 678 105 or you can ask
for a consultation.


The Business Flatrate is designed for standard connection use by business customers. If usage deviates considerably from standard use or if there are reasonable indications that the connection is being used for special purposes (e.g. machine-machine, direct dialling or continuous connections, video telephony, call centre services, permanent monitoring services or extensive analogue data transmission), UPC reserves the right to suspend the service at any time, to restrict it or to take another suitable measure.
Calls to Swiss and foreign service and business numbers incurring costs (e.g. 0869x, 0878x, 18xy, 084x, 090x) and to Internet dial-up numbers and access numbers for prepaid and calling card offers are excluded from the Business Flatrate. Usage fees charged by service providers will also be billed to the customer.
All prices quoted exclusive of VAT. Prices and offers subject to change.