Business Voice Virtual PBX

Communicate simply and flexibly

No investment costs

Comprehensive basic package

Highest possible voice quality

Simple management via our voice portal

The intelligent telephony solution from the cloud

Connect SIP devices and soft clients to the virtual telephone system, regardless of location. Manage the settings and extensive functions of the system, such as call forwarding, hunt groups or telephone conferences, simply via a web-based voice portal. So that we can guarantee first-class voice quality, we recommend an Internet connection from UPC Business.


Tailored to your needs

The overall package for Business Voice Virtual PBX also includes the terminals. You decide which terminals best suit your company’s requirements. The high-quality devices are state of the art and fit perfectly into the overall system.


Business Flatrate

You can also choose Virtual PBX with Business Flatrate. With this you can make calls freely and without worry to all fixed network numbers in your chosen country group: Europe, Export or World. With the Mobile option you can also include all calls to mobile phones in the simple and practical Business Flatrate.

Business Flatrate 

Price per month for one Flatrate unit* 

Fixed network

Fixed network incl. mobile option


CHF 20.-

CHF 45.-


CHF 25.-

CHF 55.-


CHF 50.-

CHF 110.-


Telephone tariffs

All Swiss and international call rates for mobile and fixed network


The Business Flatrate is only available for all of your subscribers jointly.
* At least 1 flatrate unit per 3 subscribers.

More Details

Do you have questions? Our business advisers will be happy to attend to your matter personally.

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  058 388 67 58

Sergio Renna

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"The deals are simply sensational. Installation of the Virtual PBX telephone system went smoothly and, we can adjust and configure everything ourselves."

Daniel Keller, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Feinkost Kommunikation


Why is Business Voice Virtual PBX from UPC Business so cheap, and what is the difference compared to a conventional fixed network connection?

Virtual PBX from UPC Business allows you to run your telephone via your Internet connection. So you can circumvent the traditional domestic connection. The Virtual PBX connection is based on a Business Internet Fiber Power connection, which is why it can be offered so cheaply.

Does Virtual PBX by UPC Business work with a conventional telephone device?

Conventional telephone devices (analogue or ISDN) can no longer be used. You require IP-enabled telephone devices (SIP telephones) for a Virtual PBX connection. You will be given the option of choosing from various models during the order process. Our installation partner will configure all the devices during the on-site installation.

Do I need a PC to use Virtual PBX by UPC Business?

No, that is not automatically necessary unless you use a softphone that is installed on your PC. Virtual PBX allows you to dial any telephone in the world with your IP phone, without needing a PC. You can also be called from any connection in the world at any time.

How can I make calls with Virtual PBX by UPC Business?

You need a Business Internet Fiber Power connection with a bandwidth of 200/20 Mbit/s, 500/50 Mbit/s or 1000/1000 Mbit/s.

How can I use Virtual PBX by UPC Business for my company?

Virtual PBX from UPC Business allows you to replace your existing physical telephone system with what is known as a cloud solution. This means you are using a virtual and outsourced modern telephone solution. As long as you have an efficient Internet connection, this provides you with global access to the telephone system wherever you are. You can also use the telephone system when you are on the move or abroad with your mobile phone (via app) or from a PC/laptop (via web portal) – just as if you were physically present in your office. Virtual PBX saves on investment in expensive hardware and has the advantage of lower call costs. Within your organisation all participants can call each other for free, even between company locations.

Is the call quality as good as with traditional telephony?

Yes, Virtual PBX by UPC Business allows you to make calls with the call quality you would usually expect. To ensure this quality, voice transfer is prioritised over the other data packages (quality of service – QOS).


Prices displayed do not include VAT.

The prerequisite for an Internet, telephone or Digital TV connection is a return path-compatible cable connection from UPC or one of our partner networks. In leasing contracts, the costs of this connection (generally CHF 36.90 per month) are mostly contained in the additional costs.

We believe in fairness. The Business Flatrate also includes all calls to numbers in Switzerland and to selected country groups within fair use limits. Calls to service and business numbers incurring costs (e.g. 0869x, 0878x, 18xy, 084x, 090x) and to Internet dial-up numbers and access numbers for prepaid and calling card offers are excluded. Usage fees charged by service providers will also be billed to the customer. We presume fair use limits of a maximum of 1800 call minutes per month and flatrate unit. For the Mobile option, we presume fair use limits of a maximum of 240 call minutes per month and flatrate unit. Usage will be accumulated for all flatrate units. Fixed network and mobile call minutes will be billed separately. Unused call minutes will not be carried over to the next month. To enforce this fairness rule, we reserve the right to bill all call minutes at the standard rates minus a 20% discount if the fair use limits are exceeded.