TV over IP

In the case of TV over IP, the broadcast signals are delivered via a fibre optic line as an IP multicast stream and converted into a normal DVB-C signal. Thanks to the unencrypted distribution of the broadcast signal, no Mediabox or DigiCard is required to decode the TV programmes. Furthermore, the highly available fibre optic line can be used for data and voice services at the same time.

Forward-looking technology thanks to the IP multicast stream

No additional receiver required

Fibre optic line can be used for data and voice services at the same time

Your advantages

Receive Internet television in a tailored package. You decide for yourself which

channels you wish to show on your property, in your hotel or hospital complex.

Wide selection of channels

The offer includes a broad, multilingual range of SD and HD TV signals.


The highly available and stable fibre optic connection can be used for data and voice services at the same time.

Without delays

The programmes are transmitted constantly, so that there is no delay when changing channels, just like with analogue television.

You decide on the technology

TV over IP Services are available as two variants: Broadcast for coax networks and multicast for local data networks (LAN)

The two technologies in comparison


TV Broadcast Service

TV Multicast Service

IPTV solution via internal LAN infrastructure (set-top box)

IP multicast streams serve as feed

Parallel operation possible (VOIP, Internet and TVoIP)

High flexibility of VoD services and user interface

Analogue PAL or digital DVB-C signals via existing coax cabling

No set-top boxes, ideal for hotels or hospitals

Range of channels can be customised

Additional options

Tailor your TVoIP to suit your needs.


Digital TV channels, 25 broadcasting groups for TV and 1 broadcasting group for radio, plus additional 1,000 Mbit/s connection for up to 25 more broadcasting groups.

Redundancy for secure transmission

We can optionally connect you to two redundant glass fibre optic cables, so that your data and services are always available to you.

Extended support hours

The standard product includes support times of 5 x 11 hours, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm, but you can expand these according to your needs.

Extended Service Levels

«Basic Service» is included in our TVoIP products. This means that issues will be resolved within 24 hours during support times. You can optionally adjust the service levels.

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Simple, secure and flexible communication.

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