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What you should look out for before the move

Is your company relocating? In order to ensure that you can use UPC services without any delays at your new location, please note the following important points before moving.

1. Have you notified us that you are moving?

Please notify us at least 30 days in advance that you are relocating by sending an e-mail:

Please quote your business customer number in the e-mail.

2. Will your connection be operational immediately?

In most cases, your new UPC connection will be operational and you will immediately be able to use all of your UPC products as usual.

In some cases, the cabling in your new facilities will have to be modernised. To that end, we will need to conclude a new contract with the property management company or the owner. This can take up to 30 days from the date on which you report your relocation. In this case, we will keep you informed in writing of all developments.

3. Have you packed your accessories?

Take all of your equipment including all supplied cables and plugs with you when you move – even if you don't use it at your current location. There is a reception card in the Mediabox (receiver for digital television); please just leave it where it is.

4. Have you printed all important information?

Please remember that you may not have Internet access if your new facilities are not yet fully furnished. For this reason:

  • Make a note of your activation code (or your Setup ID) if you have subscribed to digital television. If you are moving to a different region or municipality, you may have to re-enter the code to install digital television. You will find the codes at
  • If necessary, you can print instructions from our website, so that you can reconnect your equipment at the new location without any problems. You can find the relevant instructions at

5. Does your new cable connection have two or three holes?

If your new facilities have a cable connection with a 2-hole socket, you need the adapter which was sent to you with the modem.

  • Plug it into the smaller of the two holes and connect your radio on one side and your digital devices on the other side.
  • If you now have a 3-hole socket instead of a two-hole socket, please unplug the adapter and keep it in a safe place.
  • Suitability of the new installation address can be checked at the following link.
We wish you a stressless move.

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