“This deal creates a fantastic and unique opportunity to create a new combined company, with significant benefits for consumers and businesses across Switzerland, as well as providing growth opportunities for our employees.”

Baptiest Coopmans, Chief Executive Officer of UPC Switzerland

Our parent company Liberty Global announced that it would launch a takeover bid for all publicly held Sunrise shares on 12 August 2020. This transaction requires the approval from both the authorities and the Sunrise shareholders. We expect this to take place by the end of 2020.

More power for you

This acquisition brings together UPC Switzerland’s high-performance and future-proof cable network and the first-class 5G Sunrise mobile network and opens up excellent opportunities for mobile and fixed-network products from a single source. In addition, the majority of SMEs and large companies in the business customer segment will be able to benefit from excellent products and services in the UPC Giganet.

Business relationship remains unchanged

Until further notice, this announcement does not change anything for you. UPC Switzerland will continue to operate as an independent company and competitor of Sunrise. We assure you that we will continue our business relationship with you as before. Contract periods, services and conditions remain unchanged. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Reasons for and Conditions of the Deal

Why has Liberty Global decided to buy Sunrise?

As is happening in many other countries, and, as was already announced before the deal last year when Sunrise wanted to buy UPC, the combination of first-class fixed and mobile infrastructures into one converged provider makes a lot of sense in many regards, including in Switzerland. This transaction will create more competition and create a new dynamic in the Swiss telecommunications market delivering further advantages for Swiss consumers.

What are the advantages of this deal?

The new company has the investment potential to deliver a genuine, fully-integrated alternative telecommunications infrastructure for Switzerland. The new company also has a unique opportunity to build on the technological transformation driven by 5G and broadband, and provide new, innovative telecom, TV and B2B solutions as well as faster Internet speeds all over Switzerland.

Customers and Products

What are the consequences of the deal for UPC customers?

UPC customers will not experience any change with the announcement of the transaction. They will continue to have access to all products and services from UPC Switzerland.

Will the MVNO collaboration between UPC Switzerland and Swisscom end with the closing of the transaction?

Until the transaction has been completed, nothing will change for UPC’s mobile customers as a result of the deal. A decision will be made as to when UPC mobile customers will be migrated from the Swisscom network to the Sunrise network after closing.

What happens to UPC CH’s MySports/Teleclub sharing offer with Swisscom? Is this impacted in any way?

The announced deal has no impact on the partnership between MySports and Teleclub regarding sports content.

Are you a UPC Business customer and do you have any further questions?

What consequences does the announced takeover have for our company?

None. The announced takeover will not result in any changes for you. You will continue to have access to all our products and services.

Can we keep our products?

Of course. You will continue to have access to all our products and services. You will still be able to use our services, even once the transaction has been completed. Thanks to the combined strengths of the two companies, we will be able to offer you even more attractive entertainment and communication offers.

Will current offers (promotions and subscriptions) be valid?

The conditions of the current promotions and subscriptions apply as stated in the offer.


What are the next steps?

The acquisition will need to be approved by Sunrise’s shareholders and it will also be subject to clearance by the Swiss competition authorities. Sunrise's Board of Directors unanimously recommends that its shareholders accept Liberty Global’s offer. Freenet, which holds ca. 25% of Sunrise’s shares, has already signed an irrevocable commitment to sell its shares to Liberty Global at the offer price.

When is the deal expected to be approved and executed?

The approval process by the authorities can take several months. The transaction is expected to be closed by the end of 2020. Sunrise and UPC Switzerland will remain competitors until the authorities reach their decision.