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Business Digital TV

How can I receive digital channels?

In order to receive UPC Business’s digital package, all you need is a cable connection, an aerial cable and a TV set. No Mediabox is required if your TV set has a CI+ module If you don’t automatically receive the digital channels, please carry out a digital channel scan as described in the manual for your TV set. You will find the required parameters for this here (in german).

In order to receive the best possible picture and sound quality (HD), we recommend that you use a TV set with an integrated DVB-C receiver and CI+ module. The Mediabox is not needed if this is the case. You will find that your local TV dealer has various interesting offers.

DigiCard: what will happen if I use the DigiCard in a CI TV that is not suitable for CI+?

As the DigiCard is based on CI+ technology, it is not possible to use it in a terminal that is purely for CI. UPC has declared numerous TV sets suitable for CI+. Check compatibility here. If your device is not listed, the relevant information may be in the instruction manual. If your instruction manual is not ready to hand, please contact the manufacturer or a specialist retailer.

How do I check if my television set is equipped with a DVB-C receiver and a CI+ module?

To check whether your TV set is equipped with a DVB-C receiver and a CI+ module and can therefore receive the digital package without any additional equipment (Mediabox), you have the following options:

– a sticker on the TV set to that effect
– the instruction manual for the TV set

You can also find this information online on the website of the respective TV manufacturer. Alternatively, we recommend that you contact a specialist TV retailer.

Note: all TV sets sold in recent years are generally equipped with an integrated DVB-C receiver and a CI+ module. If you have any doubts, please note the aforementioned means of checking your equipment.



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