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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Internet Fiber Power

Can a free Ethernet port be used at the modem?

  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor) provides you with all 4 ports and 100 WLAN ports. You can follow the simple instructions to set up the WLAN yourself.
  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925) does not provide these ports. These ports are reserved for UPC Business service extensions in telephony.

Can the modem be used as a router?

  • Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor) allows you to use all 4 ports and the WLAN (100 ports) and gives you complete access to the modem. The modem can also be used in bridge mode if you would like to use your own router.
  • You need your own router with a firewall for Business Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925) because these functions are deactivated on the modem. If you run your own server, this allows you to keep your infrastructure with a firewall and router.

Can I get a router from UPC Business?

UPC Business does not offer its own routers. Ideally you should ask your LAN provider to supply you with a suitable router or purchase one at a specialist retailer.

Do I need a separate WLAN router if I want to set up a WLAN connection?

  • The WLAN router is already included in the modem with Business Internet Fiber Power with a dynamic IP address (Technicolor).
  • You require your own WLAN router with a firewall function for Business Internet Fiber Power with a fixed IP address (Cisco EPC3925).

Can I install the modem myself?

For business customers, the installation partner chosen by UPC Business installs all Internet connections on site. This is our way of guaranteeing that all the connections are installed in accordance with business requirements and that everything works properly. The technician on site measures also the signal from the TV socket and has the tools needed to adjust and optimise the signal level if the bandwidth is not within the normal range.

Can the installation partner also make adjustments to my LAN?

Our installation partner's technician will activate the Internet connection in accordance with our service agreement, check the bandwidth, adjust the signal level of the TV socket (if required) and check the Internet connection at the modem port with their own laptop. If you require changes/adjustments to be made to your LAN, you can instruct our installation partner or another provider to do this. However, these costs are not covered by UPC and the appointment has to be made separately.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the Business Internet Fiber Power connection during the contract term?

Your can upgrade free of charge at any time. A downgrade is only possible after 12 months of the contract term have elapsed. A one-off charge (CHF 100.-) applies for the reconfiguration of the bandwidths.

Can I keep my public IP addresses?

This is possible if the IP addresses are registered/entered at RIPE. Otherwise the IP addresses belong to the respective provider and cannot be ported.

Can I take the UPC Business fixed IP addresses to another provider?

Fixed IP addresses belong to the respective telecommunications company and therefore cannot be transferred/ported.

Is the bandwidth guaranteed with Business Internet Fiber Power?

The Internet connection with Business Internet Fiber Power promises “best effort” access. Our technicians measure the performance of the cable box and adjust the connection level during the on-site installation. This improves performance and ensures that the bandwidth is reached. However, performance also depends on various other factors (WLAN, receivers, number of other Internet users, etc.), which we cannot influence directly. So performance can vary. Our Business Internet Symmetric service provides you with guaranteed bandwidths.

Can I continue to use my “old” modem?

UPC provides you with your own modem when you go operational, and this is included in the service costs. This is necessary to guarantee efficient and smooth-running support.


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