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Digital Phone

How many telephone lines/numbers are available to me?

  • With Business Voice Digital Phone, two analogue lines/numbers are available.

  • With Business Voice Digital Phone, up to nine lines/numbers are available.

Is the sound quality good?

Digital Phone is based on VoIP technology and is operated via the Internet. Thanks to the preferential treatment of the voice package on the data-processing network, the sound quality is the same as with a conventional telephone connection.

What telephone equipment do I need for Digital Phone?

Digital Phone START:
Thanks to the ATA adapter which converts the digital VoIP signal into an analogue signal, you can use Digital Phone with two conventional telephones. You can purchase these from specialist stores for less than CHF 10.-.

Digital Phone:
Digital Phone can only be used with the digital terminals available in our range of products. Our high-quality terminals are state-of-the-art machines which are perfectly adapted to the entire system. This means that they can be installed quickly and trouble-free and are sure to work perfectly. Thanks to our advantageous framework contracts with the manufacturers, we provide the devices cheaper than anyone else.

Can I transfer incoming calls internally?

This is possible with Digital Phone.


Can I keep my telephone numbers?

Yes, you can bring your current telephone numbers with you to UPC. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a porting form which enables us to cancel your existing telephone connection and to port the call numbers.

Can I take advantage of flat rates?

With Digital Phone Flatrate Swiss, you benefit from free calls within the Swiss fixed network while with Digital Phone Flatrate Global, you can even call numbers in the fixed networks of 34 countries incl. Switzerland free of charge.

Can I install an answering machine?

Yes, you receive your mailbox messages by e-mail.

Can I also use this solution as a fax?

Yes, with the web fax function, you can send fax messages as a PDF and receive messages by e-mail without the need for a fax machine.


Analog / ISDN

What does the abbreviation VTA stand for?

VTA is a Swisscom Ltd term and means “local loop service billing”. The contract is concluded between the end customer and Swisscom Ltd. Billing for the connection and traffic is handled by UPC Business. This includes analogue telephone connections and ISDN connections.

When do you refer to VTA and when do you refer to Business Voice Analog/ISDN?

VTA is the Swisscom Ltd term for charging the participant connection. Business Voice Analog/ISDN is the name for UPC Business products that use VTA.

The VTA offering from Swisscom Ltd includes primary connections (PRI). Are these also provided by UPC Business?

The PRI primary connections are available in our department for corporate customers. They are not offered in the SME segment.

Are number ranges (DDI) also possible?

In the SME segment, number ranges are rather unusual for customers that are ported by Swisscom Ltd. A DDI block requires a PBX. ISDNs with a DDI number block cannot be transferred as VTA.

How do I proceed if I require additional connections for VTA as a customer?

An appropriate order has to be placed with Swisscom Ltd for additional connections. UPC Business can do this on your behalf. As soon as the connections are active, numbers can be preselected and local loop service billing (VTA) can be activated.

When do I require analogue connections as a customer?

You need an analogue connection to use a traditional fax machine. These devices require relatively old technology to work reliably and without disruption. So an analogue connection is recommended to enable fax machines to run smoothly. A fax machine cannot be relied upon to run smoothly if you use it via VoIP (Voice over IP / Internet telephone).

There are also data services such as alarm systems, pay terminals, postage machines, etc. that are run using analogue connections. These connections should normally be left as they are and not be migrated to VoIP.

Can I order a VTA now as a UPC Business customer and later port the numbers to UPC Business (e.g. for a Virtual PBX solution)?

That would indeed be advisable: if you are currently using VTA telephony as a customer, you will immediately benefit from the favourable call tariffs offered by UPC Business.

What if I have already installed Swisscom Ltd connections as a customer?

That is not a problem. You can order VTA from UPC Business and benefit from being billed by us and from the lower call charges.

Can I check the preselection transfer?

Just call 0868 868 868. You will be given the name of the current provider.

As a customer, can I stop calls from being made via the UPC telephone network?

It is possible to avoid making the calls with UPC. This might be useful in the event of a fault. You must prefix the telephone number with the code 10741 (Swisscom).


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