E-mail from UPC

E-mail from UPC

Benefit from up to 5 hispeed e-mail addresses

  • Available anytime and anywhere
  • Send and receive e-mails with up to 15 MB
  • 5 GB of storage per e-mail address
5 adresses | UPC

5 e-mail addresses

As a UPC Internet customer you can use up to 5 e-mail addresses (your.name@hispeed.ch) conveniently with one current e-mail program.

Address book | UPC

Address book

Manage your contacts, create groups and send e-mails or SMS directly. You can important and export existing data conveniently (e.g. MS Outlook).

Anti virus checker | UPC

Anti-virus checker

Incoming e-mails are automatically checked for viruses. This does not replace anti-virus software, however (e.g. Internet Security Package).

Webmail POP3 IMAP | UPC

Webmail, POP3 and IMAP

Read your e-mails any time from wherever you are in the world via www.hispeed.ch. All you need for this is a computer with an Internet connection.

Spam filtering | UPC

Spam filtering

With the spam filter, incoming e-mails are automatically filtered. Spam mails are either flagged, moved to a spam folder or deleted immediately.

5 GB | UPC

5 GB of storage

The maximum storage capacity per e-mail address is 5 GB. The maximum size of an e-mail is limited to 15 MB (sending and receiving).

How does webmail work?

You can access your e-mails simply and conveniently online via hispeed.ch.

Do you want to set up your @hispeed.ch e-mail address for your e-mail client?

Our e-mail wizard will guide you through the installation process!